Book Review: Emerging From Shadows – Poetry by Balroop Singh

Emerging From Shadows : Poetry by Balroop SinghEmerging From Shadows : Poetry by Balroop Singh by Balroop Singh
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Poetry is an inspirational and emotive format that allows writers to express a myriad of ideas and images percolating inside their minds. Balroop Singh takes this skill to new heights in her collection of poems entitled ‘Emerging From Shadows.’ This is the second book I’ve read from the author, but it will not be the last. I’ve previously read a non-fiction, self-help book focused on how to be a better person, and I’ve also perused many of her regular blog posts. If you’re looking for advice, beautiful imagery, or a wonderful spectrum of emotions, you should dive into her work.

The first thing that strikes me with many of these poems is the vocabulary. Singh has an immense handle on the English language; students and authors needing to expand their word choice and definitions would do well to read this book. Despite being well read and knowing many unusual and lesser-known words, Singh’s poems pushed me to look up many new words. In poetry, this is ideal, in my opinion. Sometimes the word choice is every bit as important as the rhyming, length of phrasing, or metaphors. By pushing our understanding of meaning and images, Singh has taken our experience to a new level in this collection.

One of my favorites, ‘In My Grave’ is lighter in terms of word choice but also had the more powerful images. Phrases such as: ‘I live unwanted inside my grave’ or ‘The choices were cryptically caustic’ or ‘The carcass waits, wilting without care’ stunned me for a brief time. The carcass, while potentially literal, is also figurative… shedding our past, ignoring the pain, etc. Great moments in this larger collection, and I really enjoyed being pushed to think harder and be more introspective in my analysis of relationships and everyday events.

A high recommendation for poetry lovers, and those looking to experience something from literature and words… 4.5 stars. Thank you for sharing this one, Ms. Singh.

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  1. Thank you so much Jay, for this brilliant review of Emerging From Shadows. I am delighted that you mentioned the vocabulary, which has been criticised by one of the readers who just gave me 2 stars, saying the language of a poet has to be simple! Having struggled with Milton’s and Eliot’s poetry to pass my exams, I took that criticism as a compliment. 🙂 Though most of my poems are simple but some words just creep in.
    My latest collection, due to be released this month doesn’t boast of any “heaviness!”
    Many thanks for picking out “In my Grave,” it’s my favorite too. Did I say I envy your reading skills? 🙂

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    • Hi. You are very welcome. Ah, well that person with the 2-star rating must be narrow-minded about things… sorry!

      I think it had great balance, but I still look forward to the future ones.

      Thank you too… I do love to read, and I’m trying to spread it around as much as possible this year. 🙂

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  2. I’ve read this book of poems by Balroop and follow her blog weekly. You described her writing RIGHT ON. I’ve increased my vocabulary from reading her poems, and my emotional heart opens up with her poetic messages.

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