Book Review: Reverie Girl by Nico J. Genes

Today, I’m excited to share my review of the second book in ‘The Reverie’ series by Nico J. Genes. Earlier this year, I read the first book in the series, and here you can read my review of Magnetic Reverie. Don’t you just love the covers of the second book, Reverie Girl? Or what about the very inviting subtitle: “The Sensual Journey of a Young Woman Falling Madly in Love with The Girl of her Dreams.”

Overview of Book (s)

Claire is a young woman who only accepted her sexuality after an enlightening trip to India. Soon after, she falls head over heels in love with a gorgeous girl, Lana, a woman she meets only by pure chance during a captivating encounter at Vienna’s Airport terminal between flights. This love seems far from being reciprocated and rather hopeless. Or is it?

Lana meets Claire whilst going from Slovenia en route to America while making plans for her perfect married life. This encounter reveals the essence of who she is within. She discovers a new side to herself. She becomes torn between two worlds and must decide. Whatever her decision, there will be consequences. She can suppress her feelings and memories during the day. But can she control them in her dreams?
Will her dreams be strong enough to make Lana follow her heart?

Lana must decide between two worlds, one with a lesbian lover and one with her husband. Is Claire a fling? Something different, therefore exciting or is she the other half of Lana’s soul? They say our dreams help us work through conflicts…what are Lana’s dreams telling her?

Genre: FF romance / Bisexual romance / Lesfic / romantic suspense / light erotica.

If you like watching video trailers, you must check this one out to learn all the details and find some fun quotes and graphics…

The book is currently only .99 till the 15th of September

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My Review

Reverie Girl (The reverie, #2)Reverie Girl by Nico J. Genes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reverie Girl is the second book in ‘The Reverie’ series written by Nico J. Genes in 2018. I read the first book earlier this year and finally caught the second one while it was on sale this week for only .99. It’s discounted thru 9/15/19, so definitely check it out soon. The series focuses on Lana, a ~30ish beautiful young woman who comes to terms with her sexuality and falls in love with two different people. In this second book, we get a larger perspective from Claire as well, learning new details about their lives since the first book’s ending.

You can read this specific story as a stand-alone novel, but I think it is much stronger if you read them together. Reverie Girl fills in many of the missing pieces we never understood in the first part. We knew Lana and Claire had met at an airport, but we were never sure if they’d actually met or it was only in a her dreams or some fantasy / other-worldly experience. Now, we know a whole lot more. Not only do we learn what happened during that Vienna airport rendezvous but we also get the background on Claire, whose real name is Klara and also lives in Slovenia.

Life in Slovenia for both women has been a little difficult. Klara lost her parents when she was young and relied on an older brother’s unconditional love. When she finally admitted she was gay, he supported her and helped her figure out how to make a new life for herself. For Lana, she had no inkling until she met Claire (the name she goes by now) in the airport. Too bad she was weeks away from marrying her American boyfriend, Greg. While that aspect is covered in the first book, we now see how Claire and Lana built a friendship, attraction, and partnership after their initial meet cute. Several years kept them revolving in and out of each other’s lives, including Lana’s marriage to Greg.

Reverie is the kind of story that builds on itself with each chapter until you can’t help but root for the women to find one another. From a chance encounter in the airport to a lost message, then a misunderstood chat discussion, it feels like destiny wants to play games before allowing Lana and Claire a true opportunity for love. When they give it a chance, it falters, leading to more concerns and issues, especially as Lana tells her family that she’s fallen in love with a woman. It doesn’t go well at all, and in the end, it helps set Lana on the path she never knew was right for her.

There’s a lovely magic in the story that makes the characters and moral lessons shine. It’s simple, in terms of showing people that love is love, no matter what form it appears in. Genes has created a beautiful relationship with two women who aren’t sure how to handle what’s going on between them. Is it real? Is it just through their dreams? How does a pregnancy fit into the puzzle? They live on two different continents. Society still has boundaries that hold them back. Grounded by these realities, the structure of the story blends across time and memory to deliver its message.

I really enjoyed both of these books… and it makes me curious if there will be more. I recommend both, especially for anyone looking to expand their reading genres and horizons to something unfamiliar and almost ethereal.

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