Book Review: The Light in the Hallway by Amanda Prowse

The Light in the HallwayThe Light in the Hallway by Amanda Prowse
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amanda Prowse is my go-to author when it comes to contemporary fiction, family drama, and emotional analysis. She often reminds me that writers hold the key to understanding the deepest, darkest, and most innate feelings a person can hold. The Light in the Hallway, due out on 11/11/19, is a prime example of why Prowse will always be one of those special few who have a tidal wave impact on my mindset. No other author has truly pushed me to think about a situation, feverish to determine what, if any, is the best answer to a problem with no solutions.

At the beginning of this book, we know Kerry is dying. When it happens, we are hurt but can move on, as we don’t know a whole lot about her. Left behind are her mother, sister, husband, and son. Her husband, Nick, is strong, but we can feel his pain. Son, Ollie, is unable to show his emotions. Until he is. And then the entire story has you reaching for a tissue box. Less than 3 months after her death, Nick takes Ollie to his first year at college. Within a day, Ollie wants to come home. Nick drives there to get him, only to find things are not what he expected. A year goes by over the course of the remainder of this book… during which time we understand the profound loss Kerry’s death has had on her family.

She wasn’t a saint. She wasn’t a sinner. She was human, made mistakes, and will be missed by many. Nick, on the other hand, has a group of friends who get him through each day. Through alternating chapters, we see Nick’s life as a young teen with these friends… going through first love, becoming men, building friendships… each chapter tells us who he is today. We also see shades of Ollie in his father. Nick’s life is tough, but he is determined to succeed. He and Kerry had Ollie when they were 18, so he’s only 35 when she dies. His life is far from over… but how does his family react when he begins to date Bev?

Throw in a few complicated situations at work, Ollie’s first girlfriend, an issue with Nick’s in-laws, and money problems… this book covers so many heartbreaking moments, it’s tough to get through without stopping for a breather. While not the most I’ve cried when reading a Prowse novel, there were a few moments where I felt it so intensely, I had to step away. A scene near the end with a watch broke me. I suspect it will break you too, but for all the reasons you won’t ever expect.

Ah… reading days like this one are quite nearly perfect.

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  1. Fine review, J.
    ALMOST made reservations for NYC trip for Oct. 26. However, the two girlfriends I had “enlisted” both bailed.
    Looks like the trip will be in the spring, either before or after spring break.

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