Braxton’s Fall Festival: Day 6 – Noriko (Guest Post – Halloween & Fall Q&A)

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  1. I’m having a little trouble commenting on your posts. I’m pretty sure the problem is on my end. My connection is just not fast enough to handle all the fun graphics and be responsive to me at the same time. I loved this post. It really pointed out, Jay, how as an author you have your characters fleshed out in your mind so that you know how they think and react.

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    • It could be too much graphics. I need to find the right balance. I’m sorry, I know that’s frustrating. There are less on the copy of the post on the TRUTH blog as opposed to my website blog. It might be easier there.

      Thank you tho… I really appreciate it. I definitely have them fleshed out in my mind, and my plots are usually complex and intriguing. I need to work on a few wordsmithing things to make them shine more tho!

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      • Ah, the sign of a good author…never satisfied, always wanting more from himself. I will try the Truth blog next time and see if that helps. I think your graphics are great. I actually have a pretty good connection where I currently am. If I were in rural New Mexico, your posts would not even have a ghost of a chance. LOL 👻

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