Book Review: Moments We Love by Balroop Singh

Last week, I shared an author spotlight on Balroop Singh. If you missed it, you can read the post here. We had a fun interview and Ms. Singh shared excerpts from her previous and latest release. Today, I am sharing a review of her latest release: Moments We Love.

Moments We LoveMoments We Love by Balroop Singh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Earlier this year, I read two books by Balroop Singh, and it prompted me to pick up more of her sage advice, delightful imagery, and intelligent wordsmithing (yes, I think I’m making up new words again). In her latest book release, Moments We Love, Ms. Singh shares dozens of moments in a person’s life that conjure the intense emotions we feel when surrounded my loved ones, nature, and humility. At its core, the poetry collection breathes a vibrancy into life that makes just sitting around and absorbing the beauty around us even more special.

The collection is divided into three sections: (1) Moments of Love, (2) Moments of Harmony, and (3) Moments that make Life. Love comes in many forms, and whether her words share the subtle yet powerful moment of first love or the yearning loss later in life, it will make you feel something strong and memorable. Near the end, in one titled ‘Remember Me?,’ I love a line that leaves us wondering about our purpose:

“I am the drop of nectar
You chose to mix
In the concoction called life.”

Wonderful words… but when the section ends, and we see a dedication to her grandchildren, we feel the pangs of our heart stretched far more thin than we thought. It’s a perfect lead-in to the next section, which for me focuses on seasonal changes and natural elements. I never would have thought about what spring recalls of winter, or how the seasons lament the change from one to another. Such lovely imagery and use of vocabulary to capture clear and distinct moments of emotion in a world that is different than our mortal being and existence.

My favorite selection contains a play on words, of sorts, for me. In ‘Stuck at Sunset,’ the poem ends with the speaker “Stuck at Freeway.” Could this me a metaphor for the freeway of life? Or traffic on a highway that frustrates us? I like its duality, and I’m sure we will all reflect differently on it, based on personal experience.

Ultimately, each poem within a section almost feels like a crowd of people chanting, searching for something, and discovering meaning by asking questions and summoning answers. It’s lyrical and pretty. It’s been a while since I dove deep into poetry, and it’s not something I can do often, as words mean so much to me and would leave me constantly in my own head. This is the kind of collection I would like to read again while sitting on a beach or mountaintop, at a lake or in a storm, contemplating how the seasons and nature affect us each and every day.

Of course, the final poem, ‘The Last Smile,’ leaves us with much to visualize and ponder. I enjoyed Ms. Singh’s latest collection and recommend it for all poetry lovers and those who want to connect with the beauty of the world around and within us.

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  1. Thank you so much Jay, for such a comprehensive review of Moments We Love and another thanks for sharing it here. I like your analysis of the lines, trying to understand the metaphors and what an interpretation you have drawn…it was indeed an empyrean experience for me to be stuck at the Freeway when the sun was setting. I clicked many pictures, tried to record my feelings but words failed me. I am delighted they touched you though.
    I am amazed at the readers’ reflections as each one has picked a different one as favorite. 🙂

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