Book Review: Irony in the Soul by Pete Adams

Last month, I read and reviewed the first book in Pete Adams’ Kind Hearts and Martinets series. This week, I’m tackling the second book…

Irony In The Soul: Nobody Listens Like The Dying (Kind Hearts And Martinets Book 2)Irony In The Soul: Nobody Listens Like The Dying by Pete Adams
Irony in the Soul: Nobody Listens Like The Dying is the second book in the Kind Hearts and Martinets series written by Pete Adams. I read the first book in this five-part series last month, and today I bring you a review of the next one. I was curious how the police crew would do on their next big adventure, but I also wanted to see if the style or tone of the books changed at all. Overall, they are quite similar, but as a reader, I’ve adjusted to it much more. I might not be British, but I’m beginning to understand some of the expressions and points of view. Must mean the author is doing a bunch of things right!

Similar to the last book, Jack lives and breathes by his injuries and his nicknames. Don’t even try to keep track, you’ll either be laughing too much or getting temporarily lost. Unfortunately, this time he is injured a bit long-term and has developed a slight speech/memory/connection issue from his previous take-down. Sometimes he says the wrong words, and as readers, it makes for a good moment of levity and “oh no he didn’t moments.” The jokes are strong, but again, a high percentage went over my head… I’m learning! I still wonder: how can American and British slang be so different?!?!

In this suspenseful mystery, religious murders take center stage. Jack receives random messages from the likely killer of a few religious leaders in the area. This type of interlude makes the book feel more like a thriller because we know there will be a huge explosive scene at some point. There MUST be a leak on the police force, but who? Then… the leak was supposedly found; I’m too suspicious of a reader, so I didn’t believe what I was reading… good thing I held my ground. Lots to come from that, but it’s not fully solved. We need to head into book three with a few open questions, right?

One thing’s for sure… Adams has amped up the amount of times Jack’s rear end is touched or tapped. I have to wonder, is this another British thing I need to learn more about? Or just a quirky characteristic of those around this particular intriguing DCI? Ultimately, to Jack, everything is a game; that’s just his personality. He’s kinda lost his mind, which both drives me batty and entertains me as a reader. Some day, I will figure him out.

Any author that includes multiple references to Wallace and Gromit gets high praise from me. Love those two! Just when I was beginning to make a few guesses, Adams goes and swaps character focus for a bit while Amanda and Jack visit family and friends. Everyone needs a break, and it’s time to meet each other’s families if they’re going to be serious. At one point, I feared they might break up too. During their trip, we get to watch or listen in on what other detectives learn about the religious leader killer… and the bodies keep piling up.

The murder plot thickens when our hero an heroine meet a father and son duo who have a connection to the possible killer, based on the notes Jack’s been getting. If you like crazy near-death scenes, Jack’s trip to the hospital is gonna be a good one for you this time. By then, he’s solved the case, only… it’s not over at the end of this book. Some pieces of the puzzle are discovered, others will continue in book 3… which I’ll get to in the next month. Thanks for another terrific episode in the lives of this over-the-top DCI and colleagues. Lots to love and rant about, but that’s what authors are supposed to do to us, right?

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  1. Hahaha Jay you mentioning British expressions and style makes me smile as I can always tell when an author is American or British!When I was in high school I was friend with a Brits and an American and they always battled to tell me who was right about words LOL. Wonderful review!

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  2. I too enjoy discovering the differences in language–and it’s not just slang. I find the slang meanings are harder to eke out on the Internet. Some are just not there but can usually be determined by context. I like to be more precise than that, but sometimes I have to settle. I do like British humor so this sounds like a good series. Because everyone’s tolerance level is different, I’ll have to ask, is there graphic sex or offensive language?


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