Book Review: Veiled By Desire by Candace Robinson

Veiled By Desire (Laith, #2)Veiled By Desire by Candace Robinson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Veiled By Desire is the 2nd book in the Laith series by Candace Robinson. This book will be published in November 2019 by Parliament Press, but I got my hands on an early copy since I loved the first in the series so much. Jealous? You should be (sorry!) because it’s fantastic and you really don’t want to wait. Don’t worry, I’m sure karma will get me back for those words.

Though connected by a few threads, this is a different story than the last. At first, I was puzzled in a good way. Robinson alternates chapters by telling the tale of two different sets of characters, neither seemingly related to the ones I treasured in Clouded By Envy. As the story unfolds, I found myself guessing who was related to whom between the books, but remember, this is a fantasy novel, so there are other ways of connections being made that won’t be obvious at first… and then, we learn the fate of our beloved bats from yesteryear. The timeline is different, which means we have a different cast, and of course, nature has taken its course. Dynamite!

It’s hard to choose which characters I loved the most in this installment. Tavarra is probably the most memorable and appealing – the mix of beauty and anger is phenomenal. Character creation is probably Robinson’s biggest talent, at least to me. She’s a fantastic writer, and her plots and settings are equally strong; however, I adore the creatures she creates and find myself rooting for them to succeed in meeting their goals. It’s usually someone struggling to find their voice or escape a horror they’re trapped within. While no different this time, there is a whole new level between the parallel stories and eventual collision… one that will grip you tightly and never let you relax.

Robinson crushed me. I must say, I only stopped reading the book to cook dinner and to cease gritting my teeth in frustration (the positive kind). She created such an imaginative and powerful story, my heart raced and my emotions fluttered through the entire mid-section as little secrets and truths kept popping up, and then boom… splat… pow. Think of those cartoon bubbles from our superheroes — only not funny! Hard to take. Made me sad. Essential to the story, but wow… I needed a breather for maybe ten minutes just to catch myself from screaming.

I jumped back in to finish the last 15% and yikes… she clobbered me again! This time, I was slightly prepared but still shocked. Good writers know how to do that to you. I can’t give this anything less than five stars, but trust me, they are five angry, emotional, hopeful, concerned, and powerful stars to match the strength of this story. The climax scenes are outstanding, and at the end, I’m left with so much on my mind… but most of all is how much I really don’t think I can wait until sometime in 2020 for the third release in this series. Please let me have an early holiday present? See… I told you karma would come around to bite me soon.

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