13 Books of Halloween: Day 2 – Broken Heart Attack by James J. Cudney w/ an interview! (The Bookworm Drinketh)

Thank you so much for this incredibly wonderful book review, interview, and drink! Check out what Nicole @ The Bookworm Drinketh had to say this week about Broken Heart Attack!


(A Small Snippet from her Post)

ANOTHER TRIUMPH!! The laughs and shock continue with this installment in the Braxton Campus Mystery Series!

It makes me so happy to see the continued growth in all of my favourite characters. Will Kellan ever find love?

“”Does that mean you have a love life to speak of? Because last time we chatted, your ability to flirt and any awkward sex appeal you still clung to had disappeared the way of the pony express,” she replied while kissing her finger, touching her deriere, and making a sizzle sound.”

Will Nana D find her political footing?

“Don’t we need to start preparing for your debate with Councilman Silly Man on Thursday?”

And, of course she keeps her token Nana D style,

“”We’re as confused as a fart in a fan factory on a humid day.”

The woman always has me in stitches!!

The mystery had me guessing at every turn with James bringing forth many plausible villains. The best thing is that I found myself hoping that most of these “villains” would pull through and turn out to be innocent! James made you feel for all of these characters, and…. OH, THE SECRETS!! Be prepared for some MIND BLOWING revelations! I can’t wait to continue and see what will happen next.


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