Tips & Advice: Products & Services – Mary Deal (Author, Painter & Photographer)

In the debut of a new series on my blog, This Is My Truth Now, I am thrilled to present a famed author, painter, and photographer… Mary Deal.

To learn more about this featured segment, scroll to the bottom of this post and discover all the wonderful content on my site. This might offer you a wonderful holiday present idea or suggest a new creative soul you must follow.


Mary Deal is an Amazon bestselling, award-winning author with five published suspense/thrillers, a romance, a collection of short stories and flash fiction, a writers reference, and self-help nonfiction. She is a Pushcart Prize nominee, former newspaper columnist, and Associate and Contributing Editor of a magazine. She is also an oil painter and photographer, maintaining two online art and product galleries. These are two examples of her artistic work.

“Coconut Coast” Photography

“Big Red” Oil Painting

Mary’s Amazon Author page

Mary Deal
Author, Painter, Photographer

Amazon Best-Selling Author

2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards – Winner

2019 National Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist

National Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist (past)

Pushcart Prize Nominee

Global eBook Awards Nominee

2014 National Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist

Global eBook Awards Bronze

Global eBook Awards Silver

Eric Hoffer Book Award Winner


Art Gallery:

Gift Gallery:*



The Products & Services segment on my blog, This Is My Truth Now, is one of my Tips & Advice features. I will share key links and information about wonderful creative people I’ve met throughout the years. The people I’m highlighting are those who I’ve interacted with on multiple occasions; sometimes in person, often through our blogs or social media sites… but always someone I am proud to call a friend. I have purchased or sampled the products and services (other than books) that these fantastic people offer, and I want you to know all about them. Feel free to share the links and support these true artists and creative wonders. In most cases, these are opportunities for you to learn about a new service or product that just might make your life a whole lot better. Thanks for taking the time to get to know them today.

Welcome to a new feature on my blog: tips and advice on a variety of topics ranging from everyday life to product and service recommendations to clever ideas for bloggers, writers, and readers. You will find lessons learned, motivational thoughts, and easy suggestions that apply to general life and finding a path to happiness. Other hacks and tricks consider the world of literature and publishing to help bloggers, reviewers, and authors kick off a new website, develop a marketing plan, or write a book review. I’m even going to share some of my favorite products and services that friends and family have create and offered to others via their companies and websites. While I’ll host and lead the posts, I plan to invite fellow bloggers to guest post regularly. I want to offer them an opportunity to share their ideas too… and what better place than the This Is My Truth Now blog? While I’m not a certified life coach or expert in any one area, I do want to share everything I’ve learned to help book reviewers, authors, creative spirits, and followers along my path in life.

About Me
For those new to me or my reviews… here’s the scoop: I’m Jay, an author who lives in NYC. My stand-alone novels, Watching Glass Shatter and Father Figure, can be purchased on Amazon as electronic copies or physical copies. My new book series, Braxton Campus Mysteries, will fit those who love cozy mysteries and crime investigations but with a twist. There are five books: Academic CurveballBroken Heart Attack, Flower Power Trip, Mistaken Identity Crisis, and Haunted House Ghost. I read, write, and blog A LOT on this site where you can also find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who/what/when/where and my pictures. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by. Note: All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them. Many thanks to their original creators. Follow my blog with Bloglovin.


  1. Wow, James. This is spectacular. I feel special being chosen the first person for this new addition to your blog and site. I must splash this across the Net. I hope it brings you viewers as well. Thank you for recognizing that authors are multi-faceted in their creativity. Am looking forward to seeing others you promo and what they’re into. Thank you so much. You are so appreciated!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Jay is a wonderful person and supportive friend and author. What more could a writer want? Thank you for looking at my art. I have had that gallery since 2009. Every image you see can be made into any product listed in the right hand column. I have well over 1800 images posted right now. However, I have 24K – yes, 24K – images sitting in my PC waiting for me to cull the best ones and upload those too. I got side tracked into republishing by 9 books with my current publisher, so uploading new photos and promo took a back seat. But soon… many more photos will show up in my galleries. Thank you for checking them out.

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  2. A beta reader pointed out a few inconsistencies. You know me? I have to go back and make it right. Deals with the dates in the story timeline of the past. But, I am close to submitting #3. Am also going to heavily promote all three together. Soon as I submit, am going to heavily promote. Thank you for your interest, James.

    Liked by 1 person

      • I know that you know what it’s like to be so close to finishing, then to find one flaw that affects the whole story line. So I have read through the whole thing again and made the corrections on paper. Now to enter them into the manuscript. It was such a minor detail but threw the whole time line askew. And I have to ask, How did I get that so mixed up? But I shouldn’t talk about the problems because they are solved. Am still waiting for the last beta reader’s comments. But what that person comments on is not the dates and times line. Hey, isn’t getting a book together fun, despite the work?

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks, James. I’m making those corrections now. Needess to say, as happens with all writers, I found areas to improve and will make those changes too. This is the first time I have to ask myself when will I stop. LOL Authors could keep making changes till the story changes. I don’t want that to happen. So this is the last batch of changes.Then I will include the front and back pages and be ready to submit. I’ll be doing a lot of “pre-promo.” Am hoping I can attract early readers who will leave reviews too.

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