Tips & Advice: Products & Services – Janet Miles (Scrapbooker & Crafter)

In the second post of this new series on my blog, This Is My Truth Now, I am thrilled to present a famed scrapbooker and crafter… Janet Miles.

To learn more about this featured segment, scroll to the bottom of this post and discover all the wonderful content on my site. This might offer you a wonderful holiday present idea or suggest a new creative soul you must follow.


Janet and I met through our blogs around two years ago. I’m in love with her creativity and products. I’ve bought cards from her in the past and am preparing for a new holiday order. Janet is a California native wife and mother who has done medical transcription in her home office for 18 years after working in medical offices for over 20. She believes that family and friends are to be cherished and she has a passion for making and sharing memories, which is why she creates her cards and albums. She also has two Sketchbooks in the Brooklyn Art Library which can be found in the digital library ( under “Let The Adventure Begin” and “A Smile 4 U from Janet.”  Check out her Etsy shop.

In keeping with our Halloween theme, she’s shared pictures of a mini-album and a card she created. Take a look at her YouTube video of another Halloween mini-album @ There is also a video of some Christmas cards… which is less than 4 weeks away — still time to order some! To learn more about her, visit her blog @

“Our country and the world in general is so full of negative and depressing things most of the time that she’s made it her mission in life to make the world a better place one smile at a time. Janet hopes her little creations will help facilitate that, and she loves the challenge of custom orders to make that perfect unique gift.” — Janet


The Products & Services segment on my blog, This Is My Truth Now, is one of my Tips & Advice features. I will share key links and information about wonderful creative people I’ve met throughout the years. The people I’m highlighting are those who I’ve interacted with on multiple occasions; sometimes in person, often through our blogs or social media sites… but always someone I am proud to call a friend. I have purchased or sampled the products and services (other than books) that these fantastic people offer, and I want you to know all about them. Feel free to share the links and support these true artists and creative wonders. In most cases, these are opportunities for you to learn about a new service or product that just might make your life a whole lot better. Thanks for taking the time to get to know them today.

Welcome to a new feature on my blog: tips and advice on a variety of topics ranging from everyday life to product and service recommendations to clever ideas for bloggers, writers, and readers. You will find lessons learned, motivational thoughts, and easy suggestions that apply to general life and finding a path to happiness. Other hacks and tricks consider the world of literature and publishing to help bloggers, reviewers, and authors kick off a new website, develop a marketing plan, or write a book review. I’m even going to share some of my favorite products and services that friends and family have create and offered to others via their companies and websites. While I’ll host and lead the posts, I plan to invite fellow bloggers to guest post regularly. I want to offer them an opportunity to share their ideas too… and what better place than the This Is My Truth Now blog? While I’m not a certified life coach or expert in any one area, I do want to share everything I’ve learned to help book reviewers, authors, creative spirits, and followers along my path in life.

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