Murder at the Vicarage

The fourth and final book to read in our Agatha Christie Readathon is Murder at the Vicarage, the first novel in the Miss Marple series written by the Grand Dame. Thank you to everyone who voted for this book as our Miss Marple read; I’m excited to start reading it this week.


To learn more, you can read about it on Goodreads. If you need to purchase a copy, check it out on Amazon or visit your favorite bookstore.

This page will be the location for all reviews. Once you’ve completed reading it (4/22 thru 4/27), post your review on Saturday 4/28, send me the link or paste in a comment here. I’ll add it to the page so everyone can click on it to access your review. Happy Reading!


Where are the reviews?*

Book Lover Blogs

The Cozy Pages


Luv is Strange

Culture Vulture Express

T. A. Henry Authoress



*Once the review is posted, I’ll activate the link.


  1. I finished Body in the Library last night. On to this one and hopefully I’ll finish in time to write the review for Saturday. I’ve been taking care of my 94 year old mother who last week had to have a stent placed in her abdominal aorta and yesterday had half of one of her toes amputated! Between that, the A to Z challenge I’m doing and my regular typing work I’ve been a busy girl.

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  2. Finally finished Murder at the Vicarage last night and wrote a recap of all the Agatha books in my latest blog post. I am not sure if you want to link it up with this or not, but wanted to let you know I enjoyed the readathon, even if I couldn’t finish on time. Also gave a little plug for your new book at the end. I’m trying to talk myself into the free download even though I much prefer having the book in my hands to read 🙂

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