Antonacci, Jordan

Jordan Antonacci (Unknown – Present) is a 2017 debut author of thriller fiction. A list of his books appears below:

  1. The Author (2017)

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Who is Jordan?

His personal message to readers and fans:

“In chasing after what we want, we often leave behind what we had. We burn bridges, cut ties, and close doors that can’t be re-opened, no matter how much we knock. Too often when we get what we wanted, it’s only after that we realize it’s not what we thought. Too often…when we let something go, it’s only after that we realize what it truly meant to us. Every action has a reaction; every decision, a consequence.”

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Description of ‘The Author’

A heart-wrenching story of longing, loss, vengeance and consequence.  How far would you go to rebuild the life you let break? Forensics expert Troy Graves has helped solve a lot of crimes, but he can’t seem to put back together the pieces of his own life. After years of chasing a serial killer known as “The Portrait Killer”–TPK–through the streets of Laguna Niguel, Troy has lost his wife as well as himself. Desperate and eager for the freedom of a fresh start, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Going behind the back of his Lieutenant, Troy takes on the role of Lead Detective, hunting the streets of Laguna Niguel for the one thing that haunts him. But when he puts a face to the monster, Troy only sees opportunity, and does something unorthodox–he asks the killer for help.  Seduced by his lust for greed, Troy seems to forget that every action has a reaction, and that befriending the Devil doesn’t go without consequence.

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