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In this menu, organized by genre, you will find every author I have completed a book review for. Select “Genre, Author & Series” to choose an author or a book, but know the list is growing rather long!

  • On the author page will be some brief information about the author and a list of books for which I’ve finished or plan to finish a review. The titles are linked to the post with the book review if it’s been completed. If not, a month and year will be listed when the review will be available.
  • If the author has a book series, you will also find a summary item for that series up through the book I’ve read, which will take you to all the books in that series where a completed review exists.
  • Genres include:
    • Children’s Literature
    • Classics (Pre-19th Century)
    • Cozy Mystery Fiction
    • Fantasy & Science-Fiction
    • General Fiction
    • Historical Fiction
    • Non-fiction
    • Other / About TV Shows
    • Thriller & Suspense Fiction
    • Young Adult (YA) Fiction
    • Alternative Fiction

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