Birmingham, Christy

Christy Birmingham (Unknown – Present) writes inspirational poetry.

  1. Pathways to Illumination (2013)
  2. Versions of the Self (2015)

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 Social Interactions and the Sense of Self

(Message from Christy)

The sense of self can be affected by what goes on outside of the body, specifically in the social realm. Although I strive for an unwavering self-identity, I admit to being knocked about by negativity in my environment. It alters my sense of “I,” whether temporarily or permanently. It was with this in mind that I organized my poems for Versions of the Self.

versions-of-the-self-poetry-book-cover (2)

The reality is that we aren’t living in a cocoon. Although at times I would like to be in that cocoon – it’s safe, dark, and warm – it would also be lonely. And that’s not going to help me in continuing to grow in life. It would feed on the very depression that I take steps not to give in to day after day. Instead, I put myself out there and hope someone will be kind in how they receive the interaction I put forth in my personal and professional pursuits. Sometimes it is a positive social interaction, and other times it’s a swift elbow to the emotional gut.

But, really, life wouldn’t have so much color to it if there weren’t those interactions. And each color – as noted on the cover of Versions of the Self – alludes to a type of social interaction. There are many types of relationships we form, in addition to the special one we have to ourselves. There is friendship, romantic relationship, spiritual, and many more.

And while up to this point I have spoken only about how the sense of self is affected by others, it works the other way too. “I” can affect positive change in others and also encourage a more destructive path.

So, what to do with this information? I processed it in poetry, and I continue to live it daily. It is a reminder to take care with those whom we reach out to. Take care with words and actions, even if we are low on sleep, have recently received bad news, or are just plain in a bad mood.

It is also a reminder to deal with the bad that comes our way through our relationships as well as we can and to be grateful for the good interactions when they occur. Let us not let those negative moments keep us from the more positive ones. And there will be positive ones. Never give up hope in that.


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