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“Watching a Glass Shatter” – Writing of a Funeral and a Will Reading

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I drafted two new chapters in my novel “Watching a Glass Shatter” today.  Chapter 2 was the widow’s view on the funeral and Chapter 3 was the reading of the late husband’s will where she learns a shocking secret.

The secret while a bit of a game changer was not the hardest part.  It was the letter I had to write that the husband leaves the wife.  I poured emotion into it trying to convey both the heartache behind dying and the the pain of the choice he made years ago.

I internalized it and I feel the weight of the story on my shoulders now.  It’s temporary,  but it is still powerful. I feel good about these chapters.It encourages me to continue with this story.

I feel the characters are powerfully depicted but I of course wrote them so I’d hope I feel that way.  I’ll be curious what others think if I post anything.

Progress was good today. 🙂



“Watching a Glass Shatter” – We have an outline!

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Today I completed the outline for “Watching a Glass Shatter.”  It will have 30 chapters each told from a different character’s perspective (a total of 7 main characters plus a few supporting ones).

I also finalized my choice of which son is the adopted one.  It wasn’t easy, but once I flushed out the order of the events, determing who actually finds the birth mother and worked my way through the ultimate ending to the story, I settled on which brother it would be.

Prologue written.  30 chapters outlined. Tomorrow I begin on detailed character sketches.

It feels good!


Murder Mystery: Hunting the Hillcrest Family

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Check out the first four chapters of the new mystery “Hillcrest Hunting” by JC.

Hillcrest Hunting is a new mystery series that integrates family dynamics and murder in a cross between the traditional cozy and the newer historical fiction genres.  Brody Hillcrest disappeared years ago to escape a tragic accident only to find himself still hiding in Italy away from his entire family five years later.  When his clever cousin Evelyn finds a way to hunt him down, Brody is forced to face his family and explain his absence.  In this dynamic thriller, Brody and Evelyn learn that nearly all of their cousins have some connection to the deceased “welcome home” party guest, but neither wants to believe their own family could commit murder.

Chapter 1 – The Flight Home                                  Chapter 2 – The Family Re-Introduction

Chapter 3 – The Gwen Reveal                                 Chapter 4 – The Early  Clues