In the Novels section, you will find samples of a few novels I’ve started drafting about the dynamics within a family or between families.  My passions for genealogy, history and understanding relationships come together as I tell the story of strong, deep characters with complex relationships. For starters, there are 2 samples posted thus far:

(1) “Willowbrooke Waltz” which tells the story of the Von Montieco family who had a very happy life together, that is, until something happened a few years ago to begin to unravel their various relationships.  John found himself spending more time with his editor.  His wife, Cheryl, found herself spending more time with the family chauffer.  By summer’s end, both spouses were embroiled in affairs that take the game of one-up-man-ship to a whole new meaning.  But when their secrets start coming out, and someone close to them ends up dead, who is really after them?  The Willowbrooke Waltz tells the story of a married couple who must figure out how to work together to ensure they make it out alive in the end.

(2) “Chronicle of Jabob’s Family” which tells the story of eight families who settled in New York in the 1870s. Over a period of one hundred years, they interacted with one another in various places, time periods and manners. Some of the interaction was positive, but it also had just as many negative impacts. Each family had power and prestige but in very different ways. Their relationships over the years culminate when Jacob is born in 1977 setting the stage for all of their dreams to come true or to dissipate into darkness.