Hillcrest Hunting Mystery Series

“Hillcrest Hunting” is a mystery series that bridges family dynamics and murder among the Hillcrest family members. While the series focuses on Brody and his cousin Evelyn, the extended family will play a large role in each book.  Brody Hillcrest disappeared years ago to escape a tragic accident only to find himself hiding in Italy away from his entire family.  When his clever cousin Evelyn finds a way to hunt him down, Brody’s forced to face his family and explain his absence.

In the first novel in this series, Evelyn throws a party in honor of her first book being published where family and friends celebrate her success.  But a murder happens while Evelyn is revealing that she brought a surprise guest — cousin Brody is home after a 5 year disappearance. In this dynamic mystery, Brody and Evelyn learn that many of their cousins have some connection to the deceased welcome-home party guest, but neither wants to believe their own family could commit murder.

The duo investigate the murder victim and their family, even though they have no professional cop or PI experience, as they want to protect one another but also find themselves intrigued with the challenge of detective work.  Check out the first 4 chapters currently in editing mode:


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