Alexander’s Introduction


As Alex awoke, he thought he could smell the cool autumn air beginning its annual shuffle. The sun was still rising, a soft fog was clearing and a change in the humidity had begun. Pushing off the covers, he swung his legs over the bed and stepped down onto a slightly chilled wooden floor.

Grabbing last night’s shorts and t-shirt, he headed to the kitchen to brew coffee.  Dark roast hazelnut beans were added to the filter the night before so all he had to do was press the start button. The drip began, and Alex headed to the bathroom.

When he first stepped in, the light was bright and directed his attention to the glare on the mirror.  He felt like he had just been hit with the flash of a camera.  Looking into the mirror, he rubbed his eyes and stared at his reflection.   Alex felt attractive but was sensing a change in his boyish appearance.

It was beyond the fine lines forming around his eyes or lips.  It wasn’t the slight puffiness in his cheeks.  It was wisdom setting in; the wisdom one only achieves as the years go by.


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