Langley, Lina

Lina Langley (Unknown – Present) writes science and romance fiction.

  1. Welcome to Crash (2017)

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I am pleased to present the very talented Lina Langley. Lina and I met about one year ago when we were reading each other’s draft work. She was helpful with feedback and suggestions on very early versions of my debut novel, which I will always be grateful for. I’ve read one of her more recent novels and can’t wait to jump into more in 2018. You’ll find my review of Welcome to Crash here.

Lina’s novels bring dynamic characters and interesting conflicts to the forefront of the story. You immediately connect with them, but you’re not sure how/where you want it to end up. It’s increased my interest in reading other genres with surprising elements I didn’t know I’d enjoy — I won’t say much as I don’t want to give away the plot or the cleverness within the story. It wasn’t at the forefront of the book I read, but it touches the surface in a way you find yourself drawn in… wanting more. It’s a different kind of read – a good one – something that will push your boundaries and offer a great surprise and connection.Without any delay, let’s hear from Lina…


Welcome to Crash isn’t a romance.

I can see how it would be easy to expect a romance. I half-expected it to be a romance myself, when I first started writing it. And don’t get me wrong, I love a good romance. I love writing romance. It’s one of my favourite genres!

So I set out to write a poly m/m/m with one of my all-time favourite tropes. But that wasn’t what Welcome To Crash became at all—the relationships are important and romance is a huge part of the story, but the story isn’t about the romances.

The story is just about Damien. He’s 20-year-old visual arts student with epilepsy, and things are changing rapidly for him.

But regardless of what happens around him, or to him, the story is about Damien. Who Damien is as a person, from the beginning to the end, the decisions he makes, the person he chooses. It never becomes about anything else, not even when everything around Damien begins to change.

Damien is an oblivious character,  which is necessary, in some ways, for the plot. But he’s oblivious in other ways too, in ways that don’t immediately make sense. His obliviousness is something of a defense mechanism. Damien is both extremely vulnerable and detached.

In a way, the story is about bringing these two parts of his personality together to make him whole, and how he’s trying to do that.

So if you decide to read the book, don’t expect a romance. What you should expect is a real mess.

A relatable, young, sweet mess, who is totally trying his best. Even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, not even to himself.


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