Loveley, K. L.

K. L. Loveley (Unknown – Present) writes contemporary fiction.

  1. Alice (2017)
  2. Love, Secrets & Absolution (2017)

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Hi, Jay and everyone who is following, This Is My Truth Now. Thank you Jay for inviting me to feature on your amazing website, I feel both privileged and honoured. Allow me to introduce myself, before I get carried away with my relentless passion for writing. See what I did there? Thank you Didi Oviatt for drawing my attention to this powerful adjective. Relentless. My name is Katie and I write under the pen name of K.L.Loveley.


My daily challenge word is, TRUTH. Sorry Jay for taking your blog’s noun and making it my own. Actually, it is a credit to you, that I now choose this word for my challenge. Truth: Being in accord with fact or reality. Candour and honesty. When I think of this word it puts me in mind of something pure. If I may quote Geoffrey Chaucer
from, The Canterbury Tales:

‘Truth is the highest thing that man may keep.’

You will be justified in thinking, why has Katie chosen the word truth, when she has already, quite clearly stated, that there is no truth in her name. A pen name is a façade, there can be no truth in such a falseness. So, how about, I start my introduction by allowing you to understand why I chose this pen name. When my first novel, Alice, was accepted for publication, I was still employed by the British NHS (National Health Service), as a Practice Nurse in a local general practice. Prior to this, I had worked for over twenty-years in a large hospital on the outskirts of my town. Although I write fiction, much of my work is based on my observations and experiences throughout my life and this includes my working life.

In order to prevent any conflict of interest in terms of my work, I decided that a pen name would be more appropriate. Around the time that I completed my first draft of Alice, I was researching my ancestors on the website and came across the first names of some of my female ancestors. Oddly enough, I felt a strange connection with the name Katie and also an old family surname of Loveley. I was so drawn to these two names that I convinced myself that they would bring me good luck. Which indeed, they have. Both of these names were from my maternal side of the family, so just to balance things out and to pay respect to my paternal grandmother Lily, I introduced Lily as my middle name. For me, it is a way of keeping their memory alive. However, despite the fact that I have now retired from the NHS, based on my retirement age I might add. The truth of my real name is not important, for I will continue to write under my pen name. It is the name that I have established, an ancestral name that I am proud of.

What inspired me to become a writer?

I guess that you will be wondering about this question. The simple answer, is that I believe that writing is in my blood. It is coded in my DNA. I have always felt driven to write. While my friends were busy playing make-believe, I was playing my own make- believe games of being a librarian or a teacher. I wrote in my diary every day. I wrote to my penfriends and most important of all, I wrote short stories and poems. As a child, I spent most of my pocket money on books, pencils and stationary. I loved reading and couldn’t get enough of Enid Blyton and her famous five. My choice of books grew with me and so did my style of writing. Life for most of us, dictates the necessity to work and earn a wage. I realised that despite my love of writing, it was most unlikely that I could earn a living from this and it would have been foolish to even consider it.

Fortunately, I did have another passion and that was my interest in Human Biology and Physiology. This interest was the reason that I began my nursing career. I still am fascinated with all aspects of medicine. I studied for a degree in Biology which enhanced my nursing career, enabling me to understand the disease process in greater detail. It was my understanding of medicine that enabled me to write about some of the subjects that I have covered in both of my novels. There is a truth in medicine in terms of it being fact, it is the science of treating illness. It is about finding the truth about the origin of a given illness.

My second novel, Love, Secrets, and Absolution focuses on what can happen if a truth is held back. This coming of age story raises awareness of children’s mental health issues. It is a bittersweet story that covers topical references and current issues. Deceit, betrayal, teenage angst, love and addiction are all weaved into the emotional lives of the characters within the story. The protagonist, Alfie, struggles with the truth and as a consequence he faces many challenges in his young life. This is a story about life and the relationship of a son and a mother. Set in Nottinghamshire, England throughout the eighties and nineties the story incorporates aspects of social history, including the miners’ strike when Margaret Thatcher was the Prime- minister.

Jay wrote a brilliant review of Love, Secrets, and Absolution for which I am most grateful. I hope that his review encourages you to purchase a copy of my family drama novel too, if so, I look forward to reading your feedback. Thank you.



Katie is a dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother. She was born in the early 1950’s, in a small village in Nottinghamshire, England where she still lives. Having worked as a nurse for forty-six years, she recently retired and is now a full-time author. She currently has two books published and is currently writing her third novel, titled Union Blues. In addition to writing fiction, she also writes poetry, her collection of poetry Chameleon Days is due to be published later this year. She posts regular blogs to her website and speaks locally at book clubs and other events. Katie enjoys a variety of pastimes, including reading, cycling, swimming, sewing, gardening, and going to the theatre and cinema. Along with her husband she is a member of the National Trust and enjoys visiting places of interests, which she regularly writes about in her blog posts. They also own a narrowboat and enjoy sailing around the inland British Waterways.