Reconciliation – Sinister Smile

Sinister smile,

What have you become?

Ever since you found me

My world has come undone.


Now I have discovered

Ruining me was your intent.

Even from the beginning,

It was I you would resent.


As I lay there watching,

Watching your anger unfold,

Unfold as quick as lightning,

Lightning bright and bold,


I wonder if you exist,

Exist, just like our love

Love, you know, as real,

As real as life is set.


What is it you ask?

Ask of me right now,

Now that it’s all over

Over, gone, but how?


The answer lies in you,

O Sinister smile.

You have been the reason

The reason I can’t reconcile.


Sinister smile, I hope to forget

Everything you taught me

For I have learned

Never to regret.


So leave, be gone,

Never unto me

Will you have that privilege

Of filling up with glee.


No longer yours,

Sinister smile,

will I ever be…