Book Review: Alice by K. L. Loveley

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AliceAlice by K.L. Loveley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alice is a novel written by K. L. Loveley and published in 2017. I read another work by this author last year and enjoyed her writing style, plot, and character creation, prompting me to pick up one of her earlier books. Prior to the book’s opening, Alice’s husband cheated on her and left her quite unhappy. She put herself through school, raised their two children, and kept her focus on the future. A few years passed before she remarried and joined her family with his 4 teenage children. His wife had died, leaving a broken and disjointed family who never healed properly. Alice chose not to be the wicked stepmother, but unfortunately, their father wasn’t very strong at parenting. The stage is set for us as readers, and we can’t help but feel compassion for Alice.

In the first part of the book, Alice tries to handle everything that goes on in their new home, caring for both their aging parents, and being a mother to her own grown children who at times need her support but for the most part have become wonderful human beings. By the middle of the book, Alice can’t take the stepchildren’s awful behavior and leaves for 6 months to see if she needs a more permanent break. By the third part of the book, Alice’s life has fallen apart and she’s drinking daily to cope on her own. Except… she’s possibly gone too far in trying to remove herself from her surroundings.

For me, Loveley excels at creating emotional connections with characters. She knows exactly how to warm a reader’s heart or to anger their spirit. Alice was amazing and too understanding. Her husband was a weak fool; while he stepped up sometimes, he ultimately was afraid to hurt his children and therefore, he never disciplined them properly. All 4 of his children were monsters, especially when they were in their 20s and still living at home without jobs or paying anything to support the home. I wouldn’t have lasted as long as Alice, and if they were my stepchildren or children, they would’ve been given enough time to change their behavior, or they’d be kicked out WAY sooner. One interesting question the book poses: should teenagers / young adults be working while in school and if they do, should parents take a portion of their wages to teach them how to manage money, et al. Great concepts to address!

Lovely also shows the deep spiral one can fall under if they allow substances to make the day go by more easily. We watch Alice go from a glass of wine to a half-bottle to an entire bottle, and finally to shots and hard liquor multiple times per day. When she’s hospitalized, it’s awful to know the damage she’s caused to herself, especially through the alienation from everyone who loves her. Thankfully, she’s saved for a small time by someone new, and it’s this friendship which closes the book in a way that satisfied this reader. I really enjoy Loveley’s work and will definitely read her next book when it’s released.

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Review: Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll and adapted by Jane Carruth

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lewis Carroll‘s Alice in Wonderland is one we are all familiar with at some point in our lives. Many of us have read an abridged version, heard the basics of the tale from friends or family, or even watched cartoon versions. And when Johnny Depp’s version was filmed, everyone flocked to re-read the book. I actually read the story when I was about 13 or 14, as I had gotten a set of various classics for my Confirmation from a close family member.

Alice is a remarkable character. She can be a completely charming and funny girl, and she can be an example of life lessons. It’s the kind of book where you have a lot of interpretations, especially given what your particular reading style is. You may feel close to the Mad Hatter, the Queen or Alice herself. Perhaps it’s the caterpillar or Cheshire cat or the rabbit. Each character represents many things in our life, and each temptation is something Alice, or any young child, must consider. But it’s also just a beautifully drawn and illustrated tale of friendship and going on a journey in unexpected places.

It’s a must for for kids and again as adults. There’s a strong chance you will get something different between reads. I also suggest a first time reader NOT read it alone. It’s not anything bad, but it’s the kind of book worth talking about… that you want to share your thoughts on… it will build your analytical skills… and it’s a perfect way for parents and kids to connect about the right way to do things and the consequences of one’s actions. I’d say around 10 or 11 is the best age… but all depends on the maturity level of everyone involved.

Think about the imagination and creativity that went into designing the world that Alice finds in the hole… I wonder what gave all these ideas to Carroll. Lots of speculation, but in the end, I choose to forget what led to the creation and rather to simply enjoy the fantasy world created for me.

And who doesn’t love talking animals?

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