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Vacation & My Upcoming Blogger Reads…

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I’m heading out of the country for a few weeks this month… I’ve been a good reader and clearing off many of the books I already owned or downloaded from my TBR shelf. I thought I deserved a reward this week, so I bought six (6) new books — all from bloggers I’ve been following for months. I really like reading my fellow author’s works especially when we’ve been chatting for a long enough time. I also balance it with reading works from fellow authors at Creativia, my publisher. Between those books, ARCs, favorite series and authors I love, the monthly Book Bucket List, and other random reads, it’s always a fun way to choose my books and/or see what I’ll be reading!


When I planned my May TBR, I only included 7 books as I wasn’t sure what I might read while on vacation. I finished the sixth book today and plan to read the seventh one in the next three days before I leave town. While I’m away, I’ll have plenty of options to choose from on my Kindle Reader… how exciting! Some I’ve saved for when I return to NYC (like my buddy read with Dani in mid-June for Didi’s book), but I wanted to throw a little shout out to these amazing bloggers and authors beforehand. Thanks for writing what I expect to be fantastic books, all of which I’ll devour in the next month. I can’t wait to dig into them…. and in June, I’ll figure out what my next set of purchases from fellow bloggers and authors we all know.

Below is a link to all of these authors’ blogs

Didi Oviatt

Candace Robinson

Gerardo Delgadillo

Angie Dokos

Malia Zaidi

Carrie Rubin

Tyler Colins


So… if you don’t see many posts or comments from me this month, it’s just that I’m on vacation, away at a conference, and meeting up with a few other bloggers (Claire and a few who shall remain nameless for a bit longer). I’ll try to respond as much as I can, but I plan to get a break and catch up when I return on anything I missed in the blogosphere. And the best part… when I’m back, the BLOG TOUR for my second novel’s release, FATHER FIGURE, begins on June 4th and is being hosted by Shannon @ Reads & Reels.