365 Challenge: Day 216 – Grocery

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Grocery: (a) place you buy food items, or the food items you buy in a store, (b) a place to get compliments and NOT be rude


Today’s 365 Daily Challenge message is simple. You never know when what you see happening isn’t really happening.

Weeks ago, I mentioned the frustrating grocery store near me that had no brisket to cook for Ryder on the return from our vacation. Well… I went back yesterday to buy another one to cook last night for dinner this weekend. The store had no brisket again, but at least I picked up a pot roast as an alternative. I added everything else to my cart and got in line at a register where I was next to be checked out. There was an older couple taking their time with packing their own groceries and being a bit rude to each other and the cashier. Lines were building up and another cashier was just wandering around doing nothing, as this couple kept re-bagging multiple times. I was slightly annoyed at how the store failed to provide appropriate customer service and formulated some words in my head to try to help speed the situation along; however, I was also inclined to be careful not to be rude myself, so I said nothing and just let it go.

The customers leave and the cashier rings up my groceries. I begin bagging my own (I always help, as I was once a cashier and appreciated the help) and then the other cashier who had been wandering around doing nothing, walks over to the register. All three of us have a conversation where I learn before I had arrived at the register, the second cashier had started bagging the previous customer’s groceries. But the rude customer told him to go away noting that he would break everything and no one should touch her stuff. The cashier also told me the same rude customer was there shopping the day before, cursing out the person in line before her because that other customer was taking her time and holding everyone up.

Wow! I learned a few things… it’s good I didn’t say anything, as I would have been wrong… the cashier did try to help and was told to go away. I didn’t have all my information. I also learned rude people are just rude, and they probably don’t even care how they treat others.  But then I had the best lesson: the cashier soon turned to me, saying… “Don’t ever grow up to be rude like that, lad. You’re so young, it could happen to you one day.” In all sincerity, this cashier was barely 10 years older than me… calling me lad… telling me “when I grow up.” My moral less today:

Don’t be rude. Don’t say something if you’re unsure of all the facts. Your reward in the end will be someone telling you how young you look!!! What a big win for me that day… and the pot roast is cooked and ready to eat tonight. Life is good.


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