365 Challenge: Day 260 – Underdog (RYDER RANT)

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Underdog: a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest


Happy Monday! It’s Ryder, and I am hopefully on the mend. I am still limping a little bit, but I have started getting up again in the morning when the Dads leave the bed. For about a week, I lounged in bed until after 9 each morning. I think I had a cold that is finally on its way out. Don’t worry, even though I’m getting older, I am a fighting underdog in these kinds of situations. At 10, I’m really around 60 in people years; they say it’s 7 human years for each dog year, but it’s not quite that mechanical. I will overcome and conquer it. I also want to thank the wonderful blogger Misifusa who selected today’s 365 Daily Challenge word for me. Click her name to check out her cool post for a different take on the word ‘underdog.’

For me, besides the obvious cartoon, which I am not old enough to have watched, an underdog is often what people call me. For shiba inus, that’s my dog breed in case you didn’t know, a male is usually around 25 to 30 lbs. I’m about 20 lbs. on a good day (don’t bring up that nasty ‘d’ word from last week), but I’m also a bit smaller than most. They called me the runt of the litter, but that didn’t stop Dad from picking me out on Thanksgiving weekend 10 years ago. That’s right, it was our 10-year anniversary together yesterday. He went to visit his parents in Pennsylvania for the holiday and they stopped at a pet store on Saturday just to have something to do. We connected and he came back the next day and adopted me before driving back to NY. He almost adopted my sister, but she was a bit crazy, biting the glass on the cage and growling like a bear. She was also black-and-tan. Did you know we come in different colors? I like being a red sesame, I think it’s the best one. Anyways… happy 10 years, Dad!

Back to underdog… this week, my battle is with a reindeer named Rudolph. I’ve pasted a picture below; he’s about 5 inches tall and wide, and I guess he’d be considered the underdog in this fight. Grandma brought him over to me on Thanksgiving. He plays that song I’m sure you all know. Dads took a video of me fighting with Rudolph, trying to stop the creature from ‘you-know-where’ from singing. Rudolph keeps hiding behind the potted plants on the window ledge, just far back enough I cannot get to him. I try all day long, jumping, swatting my paw at him and occasionally whine-barking. If you’re not familiar with that term, it’s when an otherwise normal and healthy adult dog acts like a little puppy and whines to get his toy back. At least that’s what Dad says to me: “Stop whine-barking.” I caught Rudolph yesterday and bit him at least a hundred times until I figured out how to turn the music on and off. Now I turn it on just to torture Dad, as he doesn’t want to hear that song all day long.

My little lesson today: when you’re the underdog in one situation, don’t assume you automatically are in all situations. Reversal of fortune is often at play!



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