TAG O’RAMA: Past Due Gratitude – Part 3 of 5

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Life has just gotten away from me in the last few months… between the 365 Daily Challenge, publishing two novels, reading ~100 books, and earning a living, I haven’t been able to keep up with all the wonderful tags and awards that I’ve been blessed with. I’m so grateful to the blogging community for the love and support you’ve shown me and feel awful that I’ve gotten behind on about ~40 nominations or ping-backs. I’ve been trying to catch up, but it’s not working! So… I’ve decided for the next week, I am going to highlight several bloggers each day who have been generous enough to tag me…


These bloggers deserve the kudos and a celebrated mention so that more people can find out about them and/or connect with amazing people around the world. Below please find 7 blogs you should be checking out and following. I’ve included the original post they tagged me on as well as a response to a few questions or items from their tag. If I stay on schedule, I’ll be caught up and current on my tags within a week, and then I promise to try to stay on top of them going forward. Thank you to everyone for understanding. If I missed a tag or award, let me know. I will fix that! Much gratitude for sharing your blogs with me and in turn with the rest of the blogosphere!


Currently Reading Booktag


My Pet

  • Read, Rant, Rock and Roll
  • My ten-year-old shiba inu dog, Ryder, unexpectedly passed away earlier this year. It was one of the worst times in my life, and there are still days where I’m just not ready to accept it. Right now, I don’t have a pet, but I have started discussions with a few breeders and rescue facilities to look at adopting a dog this summer after vacation.


My Life in Books (Birthday)

  • Naty’s Bookshelf
  • Spell Your Name in Books
    • J –  ‘Just One Damned Thing After Another’ by Jodi Taylor
    • A – ‘After You’ by Jojo Moyes
    • Y – ‘You’ By Caroline Kepnes

Anything But Books

  • The Cozy Pages
  • What do you do other than read or write books that takes you hours?
    • I’m an avid genealogist. I currently have about 2500 people in my family tree on, but I search several times per week, sometimes hours go by and I haven’t moved an inch from my spot on the couch. I use surnames and proper names from my ancestors in all my books, e.g. Amalia, Graeme, Villing, Glass…

Three Day Quote

  • The Purple Almond
  • Since I am only choosing one question from each tag, I am trying to find the most appropriate one. In this tag, I will laugh at myself. In high school, I was forced to pick a quote for the yearbook, but I kept trying to avoid it. I said something as a joke never expecting it to be printed. Wow, was I embarrassed for… EVER? I still see it when I look at my yearbook. Sticking with the theme of ‘3’ it was:
    • “It takes two to tango but three’s a crowd. So beat it.”

Netflix Book

Jurassic Park World Book

  • Port Jericho
  • A book that changed your perceptions on an issue/culture, etc.
    • ‘The Philosopher’s Apprentice’ by James Morrow: it’s a story about cloning to achieve perfect, but done in such a way it’s funny, relateable and intense.

What’s in My Bookshelf

*** This was a brand new tag by Naty — Definitely check this one out – she did an awesome job!!! ***




BrizzleLass Books: The Authors Bookshelf – James J. Cudney as Guest

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Check out this wonderful post via The Authors Bookshelf – James J. Cudney @jamescudney4 by the amazing Claire @ BrizzleLass Books – I was a guest on her blog this week! Below is the picture I shared with her of my bookshelf… I’ve had it for about ten years, originally purchased in San Francisco in 2017 prior to my move back to New York City.

If you are unfamiliar with Claire or her website, please find the time to stop by… even if you’re tired of hearing about me! She’s had several other bloggers and authors as guests on her intriguing site (recently re-designed), plus she reviews books nearly every day. She’s primarily a fantasy and romance reader / reviewer, but branches out to other genres when she connects with new authors. Claire’s the real deal! She works in the industry, is connected, and knows exactly how to share ideas on success. Truly one of the more prolific bloggers and social media gurus I’ve met! A must-stop-by please. 🙂