365 Challenge: Day 290 – Cane

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Cane: (a) the hollow, jointed stem of a tall grass, especially bamboo or sugar cane, or the stem of a slender palm such as rattan, or (b) a slender stick, especially one used as a support for plants, as a walking stick, or as an instrument of punishment, or (c) a name spelled differently


The word ‘cane’ or ‘cain’ has been prevalent the last few days, which made me want to somehow incorporate it into the 365 Daily Challenge. As I’m away with family this week, the posts are a bit shorter. Why this word, you ask?

  • We put candy canes up on the tree and in some of the Christmas items all around the apartment, but I never ate a single piece of candy cane! I have a few peppermint items, like chocolate bark, but I didn’t eat a candy cane. I will need to do that this week before New Year’s Day!
  • I love ‘Murder, She Wrote,’ enjoying both the TV show and the books. On Christmas Eve, before we left on the trip, W and I stumbled upon an episode of Murder, She Wrote without Jessica Fletcher. It was news to me that she’d taken off many episodes, which meant another detective was the focus on the show. There was a British insurance agent who walked with I thought I was a cane, but later learned was umbrella. As it resembled a cane, I’m going with it. He took the round handle off, and it had a bunch of devices to pick locks. I need one! No questions, please. 🙂
  • Sugar cane is something we’ve all eaten, but I always realize around the holidays how much I consume. Of course, there’s the 5 pounds we put on at the holidays, resolve to take off in January… blah blah blah… yes, that will happen. But I’m craving sugar this year. I had so many cookies at my mom’s on Christmas, desserts  such as pecan pie and English treats from a friend, then I consumed a small cake for my anniversary, and now I’m eating even more while away. It’s too good to resist. My goal in 2018 — to visit a sugar cane plantation to see how it grows and figure out how to cut down this sweet tooth.
  • I like fried chicken and try new kinds whenever I can. I’ve never eaten at a Chick fil a, so while we were back at the airport again yesterday (they forgot to send my luggage… long story, maybe Ryder will rant about it when I return), we stopped for fast food — another thing I rarely do. We saw a Raising Canes chicken location, which I’ve also never eaten at… since it was more local, we went there. It was delicious, except they only had 1 fryer working, so it took a lot longer than expected.
  • Lastly, Cain, spelled differently, was 1 of the 2 brothers from the Bible, whom we have heard a lot about over the years. The classic good versus evil battle — the nice brother and the bad brother. Brothers were at the center of my year, given the family of 5 in my debut novel. But I’m also an only child… so being around my other half’s family this week reminds me of being part of a large family with tons of brothers or siblings. Always a good thing!

Today’s 5 interpretations of the word ‘cane’ seemed like a good path to go… unrelated but related… words that all mean something different to us. Did I miss any that should be here? I’m spending time working on Friday’s author alert… hope you’ll be excited by this one!


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Review: The Marks Of Cain

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The Marks Of Cain
The Marks Of Cain by Tom Knox

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Great alternative to Will Adams “Daniel Knox” series. I like Tom Knox’s style. I will pick up a few more of his books even though they are not a series… but I’ve got a few already on the list to knock off first.

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