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Book Review: Deadly Daggers by Joyce and Jim Lavene

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Deadly Daggers (A Renaissance Faire Mystery, #3)Deadly Daggers by Joyce Lavene

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s the third week of our cozy mystery readathon on my blog @ This Is My Truth Now and we’re reading Deadly Daggers, the third book in the Renaissance Faire series, by Joyce and Jim Lavene. Based on my read of the first two books, I was still apprehensive going into week three. I did like this book a little more than the last two, but the same issues that concerned me earlier continue to occur. Perhaps it’s the style from 10-15 years ago versus today, or that the sub-genre was exploding with a multitude of themes in the early/mid 2000s, but something just seems rushed and ‘off’ with this series.

It’s 100% clear the authors can write and are well experienced in the Renaissance. I like these aspects of the books, but I’m not a fan of the randomness and the disconnected scenes that jar me from just relaxing in the read. If those were fixed, it’d be a solid 4-star series all the way. But looking at it from an overall perspective, the good parts only balance out the bad parts and leave me with a mediocre feel for the books. I’ve been told other series by these authors are better, so I might give them a chance in the future.

In this caper, the character of Daisy was great. She’s a strong woman who takes no prisoners and fights for her rights. When she appears to be the villain, she tells the cops to look elsewhere and stop bothering her. Go Daisy! I wish Jessie had some of these characteristics. She’s a strong protagonist, but she falls way too weak in her knees when Chase is around. She waffles between anger and immaturity, but when she’s focusing on the crimes, she’s got a dynamite head.

I hope book 4 keeps things on the up and up, but I’m worried, ma, I’m worried!

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Cozy Mystery Readathon – Renaissance Faire Series (Week 3 – Deadly Daggers)

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Our third book begins this week with Deadly Daggers. For general background and links to reviews on this readathon, you can find them here. Each week I’ll update the list of blogs who will be reading and providing reviews. Feel free to leave comments on the page, too! I finished reading the book while on a flight this week. I’m excited to hear from everyone. I’ve updated the pages with reviews from Jaymi @ Orange County Readers and Carla @ Carla Loves to Read! Thank you for participating and sharing this week.


The voters have spoken… our winning book series to read in November 2018 is the Renaissance Faire cozy mysteries by Joyce and Jim Lavene. Many thanks to everyone who participated in the last month to choose the category for the readathon, the authors and books series to vote on, and the suggestions to make this as fun as it will be. Since there are 8 books in the series, we cannot easily read them all in one month. We probably could, but there are many of us with other ARCs or pre-scheduled reads, so I think we should do 50%… essentially the first 4 books. Below is our schedule and the books:



In order, they are:

  1. Wicked Weaves
  2. Ghastly Glass
  3. Deadly Daggers
  4. Harrowing Hats

Given how busy everyone is, let’s just focus on getting them all read and reviewed in the month of November 2018. Read 1, 2, 3, or 4 books — however much time you have available. Our tentative schedule to post each review is:

  1. Wicked Weaves – Due 11/9
  2. Ghastly Glass – Due 11/16
  3.  Deadly Daggers – Due 11/23
  4. Harrowing Hats – Due 11/30

I’ll create the new pages and links throughout the next couple of weeks. For now, buy them or order them from your local library. If you have them already – awesome. I can’t wait to get started!


Based on last month’s poll, you voted to combine two of the options into a single approach for our November 2018 Readathon. The winner is: “Cozy Mystery Series.” Many thanks to all the voters and promoters for the readathon. I’m very excited to choose a series with 4 or 5 books that we can read all throughout November and post our reviews. Some of the suggestions may have more than 5, but we will only read the first 5. A few have less than 5, so we will just read 3 or 4 depending on what wins. I’ve also chosen authors I’ve never read before but have on my TBR.

November 2018 - Choose 4 Books to Read & Review (1)

You can choose your top 3 series to read.  The poll is open today through 10/12 (one full week). On 10/13, I’ll announce the book series with the most votes. We’ll have three weeks to buy or borrow the books and set the reading and review schedule. Links to the Goodreads description of the fist book are below the poll to help you choose.

Descriptions of Books

Cindy Blackburn – Cue Ball

Betty Hechtman – Yarn Retreat

Nancy Atherton – Aunt Dimity

Ellery Adams – Book Retreat

Julia Buckley – A Writer’s Apprentice

Avery Ames – A Cheese Shop

Nancy Martin – Blackbird Sisters

Kate Carlisle – Fixer-Upper

Bailey Cates – Magical Bakery

Alice Kimberly – Haunted Bookshop

Heather Blake – Wishcraft

Jim & Joyce Lavene – Renaissance Faire

Lorna Barrett – Booktown

Jana DeLeon – Miss Fortune

Lea Wait – Mainely Needlepoint

Laura Childs – A Tea Shop

Krista Davis – Domestic Diva

Daryl Wood Gerber – Cookbook Nook

Eva Gates – Lighthouse Library

Betty Webb – Gunn Zoo

Leslie Budewitz – A Spice Shop

Kelly Lane – Olive Grove

Laura Childs – Scrapbooking