365 Challenge: Day 201 – Celebration

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Celebration: (a) hotel where we are staying in Orlando and (b) a big party


I still can’t believe I’m on day 12 of a 15 day vacation and finding things to post about! Today the 365 Daily Challenge word is celebration — for two reasons. Our friends are getting married this evening at the Bohemian Hotel Celebration (Autograph Collection) in Celebration (Orlando) Florida. It’s a celebration on so many levels. I was surprised to learn that this town (Celebration) was built by Disney about thirty years ago and is actually an entire town full of life and fun — yes, an entire town. I knew Disney was huge down here, but this is even more intense. I’m excited to check it out this morning and afternoon before the wedding this evening. Later today, I will wear a bowtie and suspenders (wedding attire selected for us — never wore either before — this will be amusing), and we will run around town taking hilarious and memorable photos in a bunch of very cool spots. I probably won’t have those pictures for a few days/weeks, but we’ll take some before we go to the wedding (small, less than 30 of us) so you can see how silly I will probably look! And then tomorrow begins two days in the Disney parks. Can’t wait to get this Celebration started.


Lake our hotel sits beside


Pool over the lake


Hotel Room


Interesting birds following us around

Thanks for all the comments and feedback. Looking forward to catching up with everyone when I return early next week. Have a great weekend.


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Review: Bambi

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Bambi Book Review
Bambi, a children’s / young adult book published in 1923 by Felix Salten, is very different than the one we’ve seen from Walt Disney. Many have seen the cartoon versions, felt sad for the death and know it as a classic “growing-up” book for kids. But it’s really a whole lot more, if you choose to read the original version. And for that, it gets 4 of 5 stars for this reader. The book is not written as a children’s story, i.e. for a 4 or 5 year old to look and pictures, read the funny captions and laugh at the adventure of the animals. It’s a true coming-of-age story for a deer, told with all the ramifications of life’s expectations that eventually occur. Bambi has a beautiful relationship with his parents and family. He watches his friends play games and grow older. He seems courtship and love. He learns what it means to be afraid. He sees death. He learns to be a protector. It’s a full picture story, meant to show the realities of animals living in the forest. It’s a stronger story than I’d watched in the Disney films, but then again, I waited to read it until I was almost 13 years old.

It’s a definite must-read for kids, but probably not alone until they are at least 10. I don’t even think it’s a good one to read to your kids much earlier than that… you may want them to see the cartoon version first, as I think that has a lot of emotion packed into it… but I see the other side of the coin, where it’s important to teach reality to them, even at a young age.

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