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I was tagged by Kristin @ A Simply Enchanted Life. Please check our her beautiful blog. The original creator of the tag is ayundabhuwana’s blog. Check out her amazing blog as well.

And now for the questions!

Reading in bed or on the couch? Both. I read in bed most nights from about 10 until 11, but if I am done early enough before my partner gets home, I’ll read on the couch for 30 to 45 minutes. I prefer bed only because it’s more comfortable.

Male main character or female main character? No preference. It all depends on the plot and setting.

Trilogies or quartets? I can’t think of a quartet I’ve read, so I’ll go with trilogies.

First person POV or third person POV? My first two novels are written in third person, but my next one will be in first person. For reading, I tend to like third person only because then I can understand things from multiple character perspectives more easily.

Sweet snacks or salty snacks? Sweet. I have a really bad sweet tooth that has to be managed with revenge, coaxing, moderation, and anxiety. Oh, and working out, too.

Reading at day or night? I prefer daytime reading only because if I am too tired at night, I don’t pick up the entire story as easily as if I’m refreshed.

Libraries or bookstores? I don’t go to either very often anymore as I get most of my books directly from publishers, giveaways, or authors. But I do like stopping in a bookstore once a month to check out the shelves and see what’s being highlighted. I love visiting libraries and should really invest more time in them. I do live in NYC…

Books that make you laugh or cry? I like to laugh, but I’m more invested when I cry.

Black books covers or white book covers? Black. I like darker elements in books.

Character driven or plot driven? Plot all the way. I can suffer through a semi-bad character if the plot is engaging. But there are very few books whose characters alone can pull off a committed read when the plot is awful or boring.

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Happy reading and tagging!



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365 Challenge: Day 337 – Flounce

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Flounce: go or move in an exaggeratedly impatient or angry manner


I previously heard the word flounce, but I really hadn’t used it in anything I said or wrote. It appeared in my head this morning when I was trying to describe my mood or emotions, as I immediately thought of those cute street marketing ploys in the pictures. It made me laugh. I often feel like I need to flounce… not from anger or impatience, but just because it might be a good way to shake loose that unsettled feeling or confusion over something. Maybe we should have a national flounce day! Who’s with me?


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365 Challenge: Day 15 – Sarcastic

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Sarcastic: marked by or given to using irony in order to mock or convey contempt

There aren’t many good images for “sarcastic,” but I was able to find this one. I liked that it should have said “sometimes I’m asleep” or “sometimes I’m sleeping,” but doesn’t!

Today’s characteristic is an unusual one. By true definition, I am absolutely not sarcastic, as when I exhibit the behavior I’m thinking of, it never comes from contempt. My brand of sarcasm is always humorous, and either meant to fill in a gap in silent conversation or an attempt to be funny and show my affection.

I’ve never intended to use contempt; I actually don’t condone that behavior. If you truly dislike something or someone, have unadulterated hatred or anger over it, figure out how to deal with it in a positive way. Don’t take it out on another person. Try to explain to someone why you are angry, figure out a way to fix the situation or convince them what they’ve done is wrong. But don’t ever mock them or physically hurt them because you don’t like what they’ve done (unless you’re trying to stop them from being violent, etc.).

Back to sarcasm. To be sarcastic, you need to be witty and timely. You need to know when to repeat versus leave it at one brief line and let the humor unfold all on its own. My sarcasm often comes out when someone asks me a question that opens an opportunity for me to provide the ultimate silly or stupid answer, thus bringing about a moment of laughter and connection.

Often on the receiving end of my sarcasm is my mother. I love to respond with slightly sarcastic answers to basic questions. For example, when she comes over for lunch and asks what time we’re eating, my response would be, “as soon as you leave, I’ll probably have some lunch. By the way, how long do you plan to stay today?” Or if she wants to know what I’m looking for in the bookstore, I’ll say: “Not sure. Something with words on paper, most likely.” And we’ll banter for a few seconds, get a good laugh, and move on.

Actually, thinking about my history of being sarcastic, the person on the receiving end is almost always the 3 or 4 people I’m closest to… parents, partner, best friend… how interesting it should be those you love!

As I write this, and truly think about the definition, maybe I’m not sarcastic. I wouldn’t call myself witty. Perhaps I’m sassy? Although, sassy to me implies a much more boisterous tone, and I’m anything but boisterous. Any suggestions for the best trait to use here? <i>I’m sure someone as literate and intelligent as anyone, like you, reading my blog must know the word I’m trying to use…<i/>

I think about the people I’ve interacted with over my time and don’t really ever recall being on the other end of the someone’s sarcasm. I tend to not engage with people who come across mean-spirited or contemptuous, unless there is humor attached to it. Humor helps ease the situation, ensure words aren’t bitter, or as bitter as they could be taken.

People often use sarcasm as a way to avoid the truth or intimacy, a detraction from something they are uncomfortable with. I’ve done that a few times. Someone asks a question that requires you to reveal or respond in a way you would prefer not to. So you deflect with a sarcastic comment and hope to end the conversation. It’s rare I will use it, as I believe I mentioned very early on in these daily challenges that I am honest, and prefer to just say what I’m thinking. But sometimes you just don’t want to engage in a specific conversation for any number of reasons.

If someone often brings up a negative item (constantly referring to themselves as overweight or not intelligent, etc.), and you’ve tried to convince them otherwise many times before, sarcasm may come into play. You can change the topic, or say something sarcastic about yourself to level-set the conversation and hope it moves on. Not in any grand manner, but in the hopes you don’t have to repeat prior discussions or soothe someones mind yet another time. I don’t mean this to be insensitive, but you can only help someone else as much as (s)he is willing to be helped and you are educated.

So… sarcasm can be a handy tool for good reasons, which perhaps means I am considered sarcastic. Ugh, I’m just talking to myself on this one. Like you’d know, right?