365 Challenge: Day 171 – Blank

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Blank: (a) showing incomprehension or no reaction, (b) unrelieved by decorative or other features; bare, empty, or plain, (c) a space left to be filled in a document


I spent a little energy this morning thinking about the posts I need to write in preparation of a long-weekend getaway to visit family in Louisiana this weekend — if we are able to get down there given all that’s occurred with Hurricane Harvey (more on that later). A few words popped up, which I’m outlining in my head as to how I will blog about them for Saturday thru Tuesday while I’m away. The one that felt pertinent for today is the word ‘blank.’ I checked the trusty online dictionary, as I always do, and found a few appropriate definitions for the 365 Daily Challenge.

It all started yesterday when I was attempting to be funny with a comment on a post from my friend Nel @ Reactionary Tales. I left a few words blank with “____” for her to complete. She came back with a hilarious response and it just made me laugh until it then bugged me because I couldn’t remember the name of the game/quiz/magazine that you could buy to play with your friends and fill in the words. I kept thinking… am I getting old enough to be one of those guys who says “wuz that ole game we done played back when…” (yeah, apparently when I get old I bring out some southern accent that I do not have) and then I just wanted to cry about it. I did not cry. Too many other things got in the way. But sometimes a good old-fashioned cry helps. There I go again… “old-fashioned” — why is age such a big deal today? OK, I am way off topic. Nel finally knew what I meant, after a few back and forth jabs, she said “MadLibs?” For a second, I wondered if she had an expression on her face, sorta like, ‘dude, that game is so 1990s…’ Does anyone even know what I am talking about?


Anyways… ‘blank’ started it all. Then I was walking home from meeting a friend for lunch and I had a song that kept popping up along the way. I  found myself singing along (in my head — at first), not really knowing who sang it or what the name was. Finally, there I am walking down 1st Avenue in NYC with my phone, searching the lyrics I could remember, finally stumbling upon it. And then I was sadly ashamed of myself. Not because I couldn’t remember the song name or the artist. Not because it was someone very current and popular. Not because it made me feel so old. But because it was Taylor Swift. I mean no offense here. And I know very little about her. But for some reason, I don’t like her. Too many news articles about all the issues she has dating. “Get over yourself girl, shut the hell up and live your life. Stop telling me about it.” OK, rant over… again, if you love her, sorry, I don’t mean any offense.  The song was “Blank Space.” Well… I’m still not a fan of Ms. Swift, but it’s been playing on Spotify a few times a day around my apartment. I really need to take away Ryder’s permission to use my laptop.

For a small laugh, picture me… shorts and a tank top… walking down a NYC street… with my iPhone blasting “Blank Space” and no headphones… just speaker volume on high… singing… I’m a little shocked I made it home without someone — really, anyone would have at that moment — beating the cr*p out of me for torturing them with my awful voice and dance routine. Yeah, the head was bopping side to side… “cause we’re young and we’re reckless… go down in flaaaaaaaaames” {Aside: Ironic word. Eh, I will not validate that this happened. Never put in writing what might come back to haunt you.} It’s playing right now as I type this post. Here you go, enjoy my torture, click to listen to the song (not me):  Blank Space.

Back to the 365 word… I began creating my author website yesterday ( and it’s got so much blank space because I don’t have a lot of graphics, photos or images to use yet. Once the book cover comes back to me and I approve it, I can load more. Until then, it feels so blank! And I kept thinking… what do people want to know about me? How much should I put on an author website. I mean… I reveal EVERYTHING about myself on “ThisIsMyTruthNow” but what should I do on the new site? Any ideas? I could use some advice and input as I am apparently not creative enough to figure it out on my own. Or maybe I’m so creative in writing that I can’t design a visual blog and website. Help!

And lastly, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, my mind is a complete and utter blank over what is happening in Texas and Louisiana from all the impacts of Hurricane Harvey. I lived through the super storm Sandy in NYC years ago. I lived in NY during 9/11. I watched Katrina hit New Orleans years ago. But for some reason, seeing the flooding — and what it’s done to all the people of Houston and the surrounding areas — has created a huge blank space in my mind. Blank over shock. Blank wondering how do they survive. Blank at how anyone can possibly handle this much water and not lose everything they ever loved. It’s awful to witness, which means it’s impossible to imagine what’s really happening to the people most impacted by it. My mind is just blank as to how / why / who / what / when / where…. and everything that comes with it. I send tons of love and prayer and hope to any of the victims and people impacted by this tragedy.

I considered just leaving the whole post ‘blank’ as a very small way to remind us all not to be empty or blank in our support of others, but words often do more justice. We love you Houston. We should do anything we can to help them. And while I am and will do something outside this blog, I also dedicate this post (completely poking fun at myself) to them, in the hopes a little laughter will go a long way to pushing everyone to help the victims survive and carry forward.


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