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Book Review: Disorderly Conduct by Mary Feliz

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I read Disorderly Conduct by Mary Feliz after I won this book through the Cozy Mystery Review Crew group which I love being part of! This is the 4th book in the Maggie McDonald mystery series, published in 2018, but I haven’t had a chance to read the previous ones, yet. I will be going back to read them at some point as I really enjoyed this one.


Maggie is an organizational expert and in this caper, she’s providing tips to prevent and/or react to fires occurring all throughout her Silicon Valley hometown. When her best friend’s husband’s body is found among the wreckage, she’s playing mom to more than just her own family. As Maggie comforts Tess, all the kids suspect there’s something foul especially because their father was an experienced hiker and very cautious in all he did. As Maggie helps protect the town and comfort her friends, clues begin to surface, including a sinister group of internationals growing drugs in a nearby field. How does it all fit together? Read to find out… no spoilers here.

Being new to the books and author, I wasn’t sure how I’d do starting mid-series. There were a few references to prior murders, and a couple of people who had been suspects once; I will now know not to worry about them. For those reasons, I’d recommend reading in order, but otherwise, it would be a good standalone novel. I enjoyed the premise and characters. I did think the mystery was a little too side-story in terms of actual investigation. Maggie searches for clues along the way, but when she learns of the drug story, it’s a bit of a different book. That said, these series aren’t always about the mystery — sometimes it’s about getting to know a made-up setting and fictional characters. Readers enjoy living in someone else’s world, so there’s a balance with both a fun mystery and a cool get-to-know-you story.

I’d recommend it for folks who just like to immerse themselves in a different setting without needing a hardcore mystery to sink there teeth into. The characters stand out. Having pets is fun. Getting tips is beneficial. Overall a good read worthy of 4 stars. Thanks to the publisher and author for setting up this giveaway contest.


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