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Review: Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and PrejudiceBook Review
So it starts off with this zombie who is thirsty for… oh wait, wrong book. I thought this had zombies in the title. I must be confused. Oh, there are 2 of them. Why would someone do that? What do zombies have to do with marriage and love and the idea of ideas? Is this the book where the women in a lion’s den dislike the men? Oh, I’m so lost today with these older reviews. JUST KIDDING!

3 out of 5 stars to Pride and Prejudice, a remarkable novel written in the early 19th century by the wonderful Jane Austen. I read this when I was around 20 years old, as part of one of my English courses. I like the book. I enjoy the characters. But I’m not as big of a fan as most people who say they like this book. I’ve also never seen any movie, film or tv series versions of it, nor would I dare pick up the one that includes the zombies. There are 2 things preventing me: (1) I wasn’t enamored with this one enough to want to re-read something very different and (2) I’ve never been a fan of zombies. Vampires, yes. Werewolves, yes. Witches, totally. But for some reasons, zombies don’t do it for me. I did like the first two movies in the Resident Evil series, but that’s just because she’s a badass! Why am I still talking about zombies. Let’s move to marriage, a more appropriate topic, given it’s a central theme in the book.

I am not married. For a while, it wasn’t legal for me to marry the person I’d want to marry. It is now. But I’m still not married. And I have been in a relationship for nearly six years. My point… so off topic in this one… is that marriage has never been important to me. And so this book had some interesting parts to it that I both agreed with and had some conflicts with. I believe in doing what’s best for the two people involved in the relationship, not what society says is the acceptable thing to do. I also find marriage to be something more private between the married couple, and it would be weird to stand up in front of a whole room of people and say some words, have some sort of institutional approach and then continue on with our lives.

I liked the pairing of Elizabeth and Darcy, but it wasn’t a romantic and wonderful turn of events for me. It felt more like a societal commentary of relationships, expectations and courtship. As a result, I focused less on “should they be together” and more on “what’s the meaning under all these words.” I liked the book, probably give it a 3.4999999, which unfortunately rounds down to a 3.

Of all the classics, it’s not one of my favorites, but I’d give it another chance under the right circumstances. Just would want to maybe see a visual interpretation first, perhaps to drive my imagination and provoke some different thoughts for the next read.

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