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Review: Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As I looked over my previously read books and searched for one that was missing a review, Romeo and Juliet stood out to me. But then I thought about it… who doesn’t know about this play? Who hasn’t read it in school sometime in the past? Who hasn’t watched a movie version or seen some sort of take on the classic tortured romance story? And why on earth would anyone care to read another review, let alone my review, on it? Exactly. So… don’t look for much here as I’m sure most everyone has read it already. And I’m not that funny to even make reading my opinions worth it. That said… a few shared thoughts about what I’ve learned from this play:

1. Parents exist to torture their children. It’s a simple fact. If your child wants X, it is your responsibility to keep X away from him/her.

2. Love will always end in disaster. Don’t attempt it without proper back-up.

3. Even though someone looks dead, they probably aren’t. Kill them again just to be sure.

4. Your bros or girls don’t always have your back.

5. Magic powders are the cure for everything. Always trust what you don’t understand. And just inhale it like the world is about to end.

In all sincerity, I do like the play a lot. I’ve enjoyed countless interpretations. I think parts of it are brilliant and parts of it are pure illogical nonsense. Every TV show and movie has their own re-appropriation to tell. Not everything can be perfect when it comes to love. But this play certainly teaches a lot of lessons and provides a lot of bumps. And this reader still goes along for the ride…

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Blog: Upcoming Site Changes

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It’s been another successful month of blogging, and as we come to a close on April, a few key things to share:

  1. I’ve changed some of the colors and the fonts on the blog. If it doesn’t look appealing, let me know.
  2. I’ve added a new menu item called “Genre, Author & Series,” where you can see a list of all the reviews I have completed. Note: Since this is in progress as of 4/28/17, you can look at Cozy Mystery Fiction / Braun, Lilian Jackson as a future example of what this will have available.
    1. It will be sorted by genre, then author.
    2. When you click on the genre, it will provide a brief description of the genre and key authors and information about it.
    3. When you click on the author page, it will list any of the author’s book I’ve read or am planning to read in the near future — organized by series, as well as noting books (s)he’s written in other genres.
    4. You can click on the name of the book if it has a link. If it doesn’t, it means I haven’t yet read the book or written the review. I’ll include target dates whenever possible for you to check back.
  3. I’ve changed the Blog menu item to include Tags. On a weekly basis, I will add a book tag and highlight books I have read or want to read, as well as tag my online friends to participate in the challenges.
  4. The 365 Daily Challenge is getting exciting and more fun. I’m almost done with 2 months and learning a lot about me and about you! I’m open to suggestions, but posts are now linked back and forth so you can check all the history if you’re new to the site.

My target to have all the content updated and all ~500 book reviews updated from Goodreads on “ThisIsMyTruth” is June, 2017; however, there will be a lot of progress each week. I hope you’ll check it out and provide any feedback you think is helpful. I’m very open to hearing the good and the bad!


Thank you to everyone who has participated by commenting, liking, taking the poll or providing ratings. I’m having a tremendous amount of fun, trying to create a fun world for all of us.


365 Challenge: Day 12 – Reader

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Reader: a person who reads or is fond of reading (reading: to look at and comprehend the meaning of [written or printed matter] by mentally interpreting the characters or symbols of which it is composed)

Ah, tough one. The definition of “reader” has the word “read” in it, which doesn’t help my cause, now does it?

Yes, I’m a voracious reader. Always have been. I’ve loved books and words ever since I can remember. Words were my first friends because it was easier to curl up with a good book than to socialize with people… because… can you guess it… I was… shy! (I’ll stop referencing that earlier post from Day 5 finally – unless of course it is a really strong connection in a future one).

The true first memory I have of reading corresponds to a trip to the Bethpage Public Library, Bethpage of course being the little hamlet or township I grew up in on Long Island (New York). I belonged to the summer reading challenge and had to sign up for reading a certain amount of books. I have such a fond and warm memory of going to the library, skipping to the children’s section, finding the series of books that I loved so dearly… hard-cover, each book was a different color. It was the same character and she learned a new lesson in each book. Now here’s the sad part… get this… I cannot remember the name of the author of the books. And I loved them so. How could this happen? Well, I suspect I have a bit of a memory issue (some good things with it, some bad things with it)… so I have to just accept that I don’t know what they were. I look up children’s series on Goodreads often, trying to locate it, but haven’t found it yet. Some day.

Regardless of that little sidebar, my first memory of reading not only brought me cherished characters and stories, it also brought me a thirst for reading as much as I could… being part of challenges to see if I could predict and achieve my target quota. Hence why I’ve grown to love Goodreads.

  • In the 2016 challenge, I started with 52 books for the year, assuming 1 per week; however, stuff got in the way and I dilly-dallied… so by July, I was off target. I smacked myself (literally) – and, if you remember me saying I only ever had 2 fights (1 where I hit someone and 1 where someone hit me), that’s still true as smacking yourself doesn’t count as a fight to me! – started jumping back into weekly reading and was able to increase it up to 70 by the end of the year.
  • For 2017, I pushed it to 78 but I’ve had so much free time lately, I made it 104 per year — 2 books per week — that I must read. And trust me, I will accomplish it.

That said, why reading? And is it just for pleasure…

Reading is where everything you want to see and do is at your fingertips, when you can’t actually get to the real thing. If you love the idea of being a detective but don’t want to change professions, read a mystery. If you want to be a chef but can’t cook for your life (don’t worry, I can cook, and I’m quite good… that’ll be a topic in the future), peruse culinary books and stories about chefs.

You can connect with other people: some real, some not so real. Perhaps it’s a biography, and you feel a relationship with both the author and the person who is the subject of the book. Perhaps it’s a creative world full of witches and warlocks, and you can feel the imagination running wild.

But it’s not just for pleasure for me. I get excited when I see something written. Some people see a beautiful sky view or a river and absolutely have to go see it. Some people hear music and feel compelled to listen to and study it. For me, if I see something written down, a force nearly as strong as gravity pulls me to it. It could be a grocery list, a journal entry, a recipe, instructions for using an appliance, etc. NERD alert! But I’ve always found nerds sexy…

There is a power in the written word that calls to me, more than anything else in my life. What’s the font? What’s the color? What’s the sentence structure? What’s the plot? Who are the main characters? What did I learn from it? What new words did I look up? It never ends… there’s always something to change your life because of reading.

I can’t understand how someone could be bored by reading. Yes, perhaps if all I ever did was read, I might get restless or feel too much repetition. But that would have to be non-stop for days and weeks and months before I’d ever say “I can’t read anymore.” I choose to stop reading because I like a balanced day, not because I simply can’t do it anymore. I suppose I understand that someone’s brain is built differently, and therefore reading doesn’t give them the same experience. Got it… no worries. We can still be friends, but we’ll have a lot less to talk about! 😊

This post could go on and on… and I’m thinking of making 1 post per month dedicated to the love of reading and what it does to me or for me… so I’ll stop here with just a few brief and final thoughts about reading. My favorites:

  • Authors: Agatha Christie, J.K. Rowling, Henry James, Kate Morton, Philippa Gregory
  • Books: Harry Potter series, And Then There Were None, The Forgotten Garden, Night Over Water, World Without End, The Philosopher’s Apprentice, The Plantagenet series of books
  • Genre: Historical Fiction, Mysteries, Cozies
  • Time Period: American Realistic, Classic Mystery Period, Shakespearean / Elizabethan
  • Type: A physical book in hand (but I do e-read, too)

“Survival of the Fittest” – Short Story

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An elderly woman finds her way through the grocery store without being arrested… check out Mary’s story, the latest creation by JC.