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365 Challenge: Day 176 – DogCare (RYDER RANT)

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DogCare: shelter and care for a pet when you are away


It’s time for Ryder’s Rants. Just wanted to let you know that I’m away on vacation. Dads left for Louisiana to visit family and will be back for my 10th birthday. While they are away, they left me with Ella at Celebrity Pets. You can see more about her at:

Ella is amazing. For my birthday, she got me a present. And it was food. I love food. Here I am:image1 (1)


I would love birthday presents, but this year, I only want one thing. Please donate to all the pet rescue places for my poor lost friends in the Houston area. I told Dads not to get me anything as this would be the best present ever. I will see them when they get home tomorrow. Very excited. I am not even mad they went away without me since they told Ella it was my birthday and she got me this lovely little party dessert.

I’m also sleepy. And Dads are running around Louisiana visiting family, so Dad 1 doesn’t have a lot of time to help me with this post. He just called and told me they are building toys for a three-year old’s birthday party Grr… you know how I feel about children. But if it’s a birthday, I can’t be too upset, since it’s also mine, right?

I’m also very excited for Dad. He received back the first edits from his publisher, but he refuses to look at it until he returns to NY. I hope he’s happy. I don’t want to have to teach him a lesson about behaving himself. He can’t always get his way.

He also asked me to tell you he’s sorry for not responding to comments or reading everyone’s posts. He’s focusing on his priorities right now, which happens to be family for a few days. But he’ll be back and energized by late tomorrow night. His post tomorrow might be late too, although he asked me to start it. I said ‘no.’ I got priorities too. Some dogs around here who need to be taught their own little lessons.

Eh, time to go. More next week about a few pet-related things. The important thing is he left me with good dogcare. If you ever need someone to pet sit when in NYC, call Ella. She’s awesome. I’ll also have another Recommended Blogger for you later this week. No time to type about it right now, but coming up soon. Here’s a picture of what Dad just noticed on the road. He thought it was funny…



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