Book Review: Bacon Pie by Candace Robinson & Gerardo Delgadillo

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In the history of titles, has there ever been something more appealing than Bacon Pie? I can only imagine the hilarity and the food consumption that must have occurred when Candace Robinson and Gerardo Delgadillo focused on proposing potential titles. For me, bacon and pie are delicious thoughts… but putting them together? Wow, I’m not sure how that would taste, but it certainly captured my attention. Both the title and the book… now let’s get into the real review.

Let’s start with the basics of how I chose this young adult contemporary fiction novel published just a few short months ago. I’d seen it advertised on many social media platforms and I followed one of the authors blogs, but I didn’t jump on the initial bandwagon only because my backlog of TBRs, ARCs and other book OCDs had to be sorted and cleaned. I finished that grandiose task right before vacation and took this delight with me to Italy. I devoured it in less than 4 hours between a train ride from Amalfi to Tuscany and an afternoon sitting near the Arno river banks in Siena. What a perfect way to enjoy ‘la dolce vita’ while reading a touching, comical, and thoroughly engaging book.

The story is told through the multiple perspectives of a mid-to-late teenage groups of friends in a typical high school setting; however, it’s not your standard ‘jocks versus nerds’ or ‘life is hard as a teenager’ coming-of-age story. It’s much stronger… there’s a ton of family dynamics, old rivalries, crushes, and emotion built into a backdrop full of diversity and wit. Between Spanish translations and conversations with armadillos, I can’t decide which character I love the most… or which love story is the most endearing and reflective. All of the characters are charming, even when they’re misbehaving or doing something foolish. Their relationships with their parents echo beautiful sentiments, but also show a tougher side of why we all ‘loathe our parents’ from time to time in that age range. Kudos to the authors for bringing out both sides of the puzzle it is to be a hormonal teenager with a chip on our shoulder but also a need to be loved.

And let’s talk about that concept: authors… plural. Yes, it’s a co-written book. I know from first-hand experience how difficult it can be to write one on your own, and while the thought of someone taking on half the work seems easier, I know it’s probably harder than to do it on your own. Merging styles, voices, and patterns. Keeping facts straight. Disagreeing on direction or tone. But never did I see anything in the novel where I thought… ‘hmm, this feels different.’ What a great way to produce a truly a solid book that will entertain all types of readers and bring tons of smiles to their faces.

What I love most about this book is how it’s a finely balanced tale showcasing a few weeks to months in a mixed group of teens without trying to teach huge moral lessons or be more than it needs to be. It’s a beautiful story, leaves you with a lasting impression, shows you the different sides of life with alternative families, and gives you plenty to think about in a subtle manner. I’m really glad I took this book on and can’t wait to read anything else they collaborate on together, or they publish on their own. What’s even more fantastic is that the authors have placed the Kindle version of this book on sale for a limited time… download today via this link on Amazon for only .99 cents! You won’t be disappointed and will probably want to pick it up again soon for another read.


For those who like to get to know their authors better, be sure to check out their profiles on Goodreads via the links above. You can also find them on Instagram and Twitter via @literarydust and @Gero_Delgadillo. They both have great blogs which you can find thru their profiles on these sites. I’ve given them each a dedicated page on my blog, too, so stay tunes for more as I read future books they’ve written independently or together. I highly recommend taking a chance on this one!

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365 Challenge: Day 232 – RainDog (RYDER RANT)

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RainDog: Ryder when it pours the opposite of ‘cats’

Good Morning! I know you’re used to me ranting away about the Dads on Mondays, but I can only say good things about them today. I’ll have to rant about some other stuff that they don’t have control over…


I had just gotten a bath on Saturday afternoon and was all clean and fresh. As usual, I tore off out of the tub, shook everywhere, rubbed my entire body on the carpet and dried off without towels. I hate towels. I like to air dry. I think the Dads may have collected another dog from all the fur that flew off me while I raced around the apartment. But then the most horrible thing began… where did all this rain come from? I didn’t get outside for almost 24 hours because of it. I don’t mind a little drizzle here and there, but when it pours buckets without stopping for this long, I am not pleased. I didn’t want to go outside because I knew I’d get stinky. So I held it for a very long time. I finally got out this morning but now I’m just exhausted and already taking a nap on the couch while Dad works. It was fierce out there! I saw some of my trees start bending over. A few flower pots fell on the side and spilled dirt on the patio. Dads got some mess to clean up today.

Another reason I’m happy with Dad is he promised me I don’t have to wear a Halloween costume tomorrow when the trick-o-treaters knock on the door for candy from 5 to 7. Since we live in an apartment building with security, people can’t just come and go as they please. Instead, all the residents can sign up and go door-to-door (if the tenants put themselves on the list) within the building. It’s much safer and friendlier. But we also have specific times, so I won’t get too tired out. I try to sleep at least every other hour, you know. I’ll have to stretch it to 2 hours this time. Then the Dads leave for dinner with some good friends who have been on a diet for a month. I like those friends; they bring me treats all the time. I am glad Dads are going to dinner with them — Mexican, their favorite — but that diet they follow is wacky!

The real reason I can’t be upset with the Dads is they cooked a scrumptious meal for them me given all the rain kept us indoors. While they were sleeping last night, I took the phone and uploaded some pictures below for you to see. The first one is the table setting for dinner last night. Mine is on the floor, you can’t see it. They give me a special plate so I leave them alone while they eat. I guess it’s only fair. The mashed potatoes with whole grain mustard seeds was fantastic. The meat cooked all day long… tempted me too much! I didn’t partake in the wine, as you know, I’m a Prohibitionist, even though they are quite the lushes.

Dad finally baked that pie he mentioned last week. Although he never follows recipes, he did stumble upon a good one in Southern Living magazine. Georgia Peanut and Bourbon pie. It was delicious. I saved a photo from before it went in the oven, then one from afterwards. Dad also made a bourbon and vanilla whipped cream to top each slice at the end. There’s a picture of that one, too. Too bad y’all didn’t come over for dinner. I love the company. And they only ate 1/4 of the pie… so much left!

That’s all folks. See you next week with tales of my Halloween Extravaganza!

P.S. Today’s post pic and word ‘RainDog’ is a building product supply company. Dad didn’t take that photo, so he wanted you to know not to credit him. Only credit him for the food photos.


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Review: The Help

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The Help
The Help by Kathryn Stockett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this book at least 4 years ago, before I began to more consistently use Goodreads… and now I’m going back to ensure I have some level of a review for everything I read. It’s only fair… if the author took the time to write it, and I found a few hours to read it… I should share my views so others can decide if it’s a good book for them.

That said… did anyone not love or like this book? I’ll have to check out some other people’s reviews… And I wonder how many people just watched the movie… Oh well… I’ll keep this review short and not in my usual format, as probably everyone I’m friends with on here has already read it! 🙂

The only reason I’m not giving it a 5 is because I felt like some of the stories needed a better or stronger ending. I truly think it is a fantastic book, and it makes you really think about what happened in the not-so-distant past… and probably still happening in some parts of the country today. Scary thoughts, but in the end, at least the right people got something back they deserved, even if it wasn’t as much as it should have been.

The characters are very clear and strong. And when there are upwards of 10 to 12 supporting or lead female characters, an author has to spend a tremendous amount of time creating distinct pictures in a readers mind. Stockett did a great job with this task. Each and every one shows you a different personality: leaders and followers, movers and shakers, smart and silly, strong and weak, tolerant and intolerant, thirsty for all the world has to offer and content to stay the same for an entire lifetime.

When a writer can shuffle this many people throughout a story, they have invested themselves into the book, the characters, the setting, the theme, the future.

I haven’t read anything else by this author, but just thinking about this book, and realizing I haven’t looked at her other works makes me want to run to her profile now and pick one. Perhaps that’s what I’ll go do!

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