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Intro to Author & Blogger: Marco Etheridge

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As a continuation of the Author Alert series, I’m beginning to gear up again to start sharing more information on authors I’ve been reading the last few months. Today, I bring you an author that I WILL be read in a few months. Marco and I connected via our blogs late last year, but between his novel and my novel, we couldn’t find time to read each other’s works or even share news on all his travels. I wanted to share his book page which you can read on Goodreads as a heads up that I’ll be reading his book once I return from my trip to Italy in May.


Marcos’ book, The Best Dark Rain: A Post-Apocalyptic Struggle for Life and Love, crosses into a few areas of interest: Seattle, last couple standing, intensity of a very different world… Although this isn’t a genre that I normally read, I like to be diverse and try new things… take a look and if anyone’s interested in joining me with a buddy read this summer, let me know. He’s currently working on this third novel, so there will be plenty more to dive in once you decide you enjoy his style and voice. You can read more about Marco below and reach out to him via his blog. I’m also sure he’ll respond to this post and you can further connect with him. Happy Reading!


Marco Etheridge is an eccentric world traveler and writer living in Vienna, Austria. He is the author of the exciting new novel “The Best Dark Rain: A Post Apocalyptic Struggle for Life and Love.” Marco’s second novel, “Blood Rust Chains,” is scheduled for release in April of this year. Marco Etheridge lives in Vienna, Austria, where he is currently hard at work on his third novel, a political satire thriller.

Marco’s novels lead the reader on intricate literary journeys through different genres. With attention to detail and thoughtful prose, Marco builds immersive worlds crafted to house distinct and diverse characters. Always character and dialogue driven, Marco’s novels captivate the readers with dark charm and unforeseen plot hooks.

Though born in the USA, Marco considers himself a citizen of the world. Love carried him across the Atlantic Ocean to Vienna, Austria; and love holds him there. The long and winding pathway that has led to writing novels is one of varied experience. Marco has been a soldier, a commercial fisherman, a wanderer, and a jack-of-all-trades. His feet have happily trod the soil of over thirty countries spread over four continents and the odd sub-continent. The world is his playground and his fellow citizens are his playmates.

Marco’s antidote for everything is to throw some gear in his faithful Deuter backpack and disappear. An avid traveler and a complete street-food junkie, there is nothing he won’t try. Munching wok-roasted spiders in Cambodia? Absolutely. How about a four-course meal in Bangkok’s Chinatown, with each course from a different street stall? He is there! If you are interested in tall tales of travel, please check out Marco’s travel blog.

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