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WWtR: Writer’s Way to Review, a new segment on the ThisIsMyTruthNow blog

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Many tried to guess what the WWtR stood for in last week’s hints… one person came very close! I debated whether I wanted it to be the Write or Writer ‘Way to Review,’ but ultimately settled on this interesting play on words: Writer’s. So… what’s this new segment going to be about on the This Is My Truth Now blog when it starts in a few weeks:  Explaining how people choose to review books (or other things) from all different perspectives. I find it’s quite an eye-opening experience now that I’m a published author. Everyone’s styles are different, and people get quite angry over words and ratings. I want to share my approach to reviewing, as well as the pros and cons that go with it. I plan to have a weekly segment (tho that might change) covering as many angles as I can come up with, but I want it to be interactive where everyone can share their thoughts. I’ll cover questions or topics like:

  • Ratings
    • Amazon and Goodreads have 1 to 5 stars. Does that provide enough of a scale?
    • Should it be grades, like A+, A, and A- (along with other letters)
    • What about % out of 100?
  • Taking a Chance
    • If you’ve never read a genre before, or you read in one you don’t like as a test, is it fair to rate the book?
    • If an author corrects issues in a published book, should they have another chance to get ratings or is it only the first one.
    • Do you read books with lower ratings like a 1 or a 2… or even a 3 which to some is good, to some is bad.
  • Impact / Perspective
    • Low ratings can hurt someone’s ability to make a sale, which hurts their income — do reviewers realize that impact? Is that even a consideration? How does it compare to movies or theatre shows?
    • Should Indies be judged differently than established authors?
    • Are there differences in self-published versus traditional published approaches to rating a book?
    • Can you rate a book without reading the whole thing or never reading at all?
  • Grammar
    • Are you rating the book or the author/editor/publisher/marketer?
    • Do reviewers know the difference between editors and writers?
    • How forgiving are you as a reader when you see a few spelling or proofreading mistakes?
  • What things should you cover in a review?
    • Style & Approach
    • Characters
    • Plot / Story
    • Grammar and Language
    • Point of View (POV) and Perspective
    • Tones, Themes and Messages
    • Comprisons to other authors or books

My list could go on and on… but I intend to provide my thoughts from both a reader’s and a writer’s perspective. I will cover as many sides as I can think of, not just my own, although it will focus on how I personally choose to review. My hope is to offer ideas to others struggling to write something different or get started writing reviews.

I also want to encourage people to be critical of themselves when they write a review. Words can hurt people; it’s not fair to claim ‘freedom of speech’ so you can say whatever you want, including mean things about it. I believe there is a way to find a way to be constructive / nice. On the flip side, if you are a bit forward or mean, it might help drive the author to improve or build a thicker skin. I want to explore this one deeply… for example, why cross that line to be a truly nasty individual just because you can or you want to make a name for yourself? Or why be super sweet and always give a 5 because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings? Skip the extremes, find the middle ground, perhaps?

So… I promise to be fair. I can’t wait to get started. What do you all think?


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