Book Review: Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

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Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is one of the books that followers of my blog voted as a must-read for our Children’s Book August 2018 Readathon. Come check it out and join the next few weeks!


This picture book was such a delight. I hadn’t remembered reading it when I was a child, but it might have been read to me… either way, it was like a whole new experience! It’s always so difficult to convince a child to fall asleep at night. I don’t have kids, but I do have a 5-month-old puppy who whines for 5 minutes every night when he goes in his cage/crate (hopefully he’ll be fully housebroken soon so he can roam around when he wants). I can only imagine! I babysat a lot as a teenager and I have tons of younger cousins, nieces, and nephews, so I’ve been through it before, too. This was a believable experience, and it really helps show kids how to relax and just let go when it’s time to sleep.

The bunny’s are adorable. The rhymes are exquisite. I found it pretty fun, but possibly a little dated given many of those things aren’t normal routines anymore. But the lessons to take from it are still powerful. Loved it! I want to sample some more books by this fine author and her illustrators.

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365 Challenge: Day 304 – Pantry

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Pantry: a small room or closet in which food, dishes, and utensils are kept


I was on the phone yesterday with someone who shall remain nameless, as I wouldn’t want to embarrass this person. We were discussing something about my eating habits, and somehow the word pantry came up. We had a fun disagreement about whether the word meant room or closet. One of us was adamant that it referred solely to a room where all the kitchen items are stored; the other firmly believed it meant the cabinet where things are stored. We bantered for a bit, then it was suggested that should be a word for the 365 Daily Challenge. Not one to back down… I immediately woke up thinking about it (and not whether my underwear matched my clothes — that should give you a clue as to who this person was who foolishly attempted to win a battle with me). Hence… today’s word is pantry, and the definition is clearly listed above. Apparently, it can be both the room and the closet. Mystery closed. Or is it?

It got me thinking about pantries… when I lived in the suburbs, I had a larger kitchen (and house), where I could store back-ups of all the key food items and supplies. Now, I keep only the major items in the hall closet, and the necessary food back-ups in a cabinet in the kitchen — I do not have a pantry. I guess that tells you which side of the coin I was on in this disagreement. I miss having the extra space and saving a bit of money buying in bulk. In prior homes, I did have dedicated food/supply cabinets or closets, but I never had a pantry. I always think of a pantry as something in a big estate house, or from the movie and board game Clue. If you can be locked in said pantry, then I think I’d consider it a pantry. In this pantry, I’d keep tons of ingredients to make very moist cakes. But there should be no moisture in the room, or the ingredients will no longer work properly.

As you can see, I’m a bit snarky today, as same said person mentioned many times that the word moist was an awful word. I know many people feel that way, and I humbly apologize for using that word in today’s post. It’s only meant to bother a single, solitary, specific individual, as when I texted to say ‘Good Morning’ today, this person responded by asking if my clothes finally match my underwear — do you see how I am tortured? Anyways, I digress, almost as bad a Ryder Rant day. Do you see a difference between the word moist and the word moisture? I personally feel if you dislike one of those words, you must also dislike the other. This other person is fine with the word moisture, but nearly threw a tantrum over the word moist. So many oddities out there… how about the concept of a pantry? Is it a room or a closet for you? And don’t try to play the middle game… if you’re going to respond about it, pick a side!

Psst. This was all true, but in humor. Not meant in a mean way. PERIOD.


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