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Book Review: Hark the Herald Angles Slay by Vicki Delany

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Hark the Herald Angels Slay (A Year-Round Christmas Mystery, #3)Hark the Herald Angels Slay by Vicki Delany

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Merry Wilkinson left NYC about a year ago after a disastrous break-up and returned to her hometown of Rudolph in upstate NY. Rudolph is a town where it’s always Christmas. In this third caper of the ‘A Year-Round Christmas Mystery’ series by Vicki Delany, Merry’s ex-bf comes to tell her he wants her back, but then he ends up strangled to death in her office. Hark the Herald Angels Slay was a really fun read I devoured in about three hours, and it’s earned a solid four stars. I probably should have saved the read for closer to Christmas, but if it’s year-round, and I’m trying to catch up on all the series I love, why would I wait!? LOL

Delany always delivers whether it’s humor or characters standing out, fantastic settings or overall mystery, I am embroiled in her cozy plots. This one offered lots of suspects when the entire magazine crew where Merry used to work tags along with her ex-bf as part of a spotlight on Rudolph. There were also a few surprising connections to other folks who lived in Rudolph to the magazine which made for great red herrings and potential danger.

I like that it’s told in first-person because we can feel a stronger connection to Merry. Her parents are fun and quirky. The store / shop setting is very fun to have people in and out as good side stories that move the plot along and offer interesting moments where as readers we wonder ‘how might this connect to the story?’

I’m moving on next to another of Delany’s series about Sherlock Holmes bookshop!!!

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Review: Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen

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Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen
Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen by Vicki Delany

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3 1/2 stars (rounded up to a 4) to Vicki Delany‘s Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen, her debut novel in the “A Year-Round Christmas Mystery” series. Some people love Christmas so much that they need an entire book series dedicated to it; and if you’re one of those people, you’ll enjoy this one even if you’re reading it at Halloween!


Rudolph, New York, a small town on the southern shores of Lake Ontario near the Canadian border, was named for someone who turned out to be not-so-name-worthy in the end. The town mayor, Noel Wilkinson, suggests telling everyone it was named after the famous reindeer and thus, Christmastown is born — except, there are a few of these towns across the country and the neighboring towns aren’t always thrilled when their town is suddenly considered second rate. When a semi-famous writer stops in Rudolph to publish a piece in a widely-read magazine about all the wonders of the Christmas village, he quickly sets the town a buzz… but when he turns up dead after eating at a local restaurant, Rudolph gets a bad reputation. Was it a neighboring town hoping to steal the glory? Was it a current resident with a unknown grudge? Or was it a personal vendetta from some outsider that just happened to occur in Rudolph?

Merry Wilkinson and her family and friends of Christmas-loving lore are on the case so they can protect their income and their town from utter disaster. Along the way, we meet her opera-loving mother, Santa Clause double dad, best friend who is accused of the murder, two eligible bachelors for Merry to choose from, a former frenemy police officer, the newly transported Chicago detective, a quirky mayor, a bitter neighboring store owner, a rival-politician and the fun-loving staff of Merry’s high-end Christmas decor shop. With a few side-stories about each of the main character’s personal lives, a new series all about the wonderful world of Christmas is born. In the end, Merry solves the case and makes friends with the police so she’s ready to solve another one in the future.


For a debut novel, it gives a really well-rounded summary of the town and characters. For readers new to the cozy mystery genre, it will be the perfect intro. Characters and setting are clear and vivid. Multiple suspects for the whodunit. Several backstories dropped with different angles to continue on in the future. And if you’re a fan of holidays, this one will make you smile. I was slightly worred that the Christmas theme could be annoying (I love Christmas but an entire book series?); however, Delany offers a good balance of story and setting so you can tune out or in as much of the descriptions as you want.


There are a few holes in the story or pieces of the plot that should have been more tightly addressed. Merry doesn’t quite seem like someone who would give up her life in NYC and come back home just because of a situation with her boyfriend and job. I would have expected her to try to find other jobs in NYC but this whole area is covered a bit too quickly. When she does come back home, it seems like everyone just forgets she left Rudolph and everything picks back up again. I understand small town atmosphere, but I think a little more focus could have been added here.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of mystery fiction books and authors to choose from, and once you settle into the cozy sub-genre, you still have a lot that could spark your interest. This one has a very clear theme that will either hook the audience or it will not. If you are a fan of holidays or Christmas or anything that comes with it, then you’ve got a good series to get started with. The author has just published the second in the series and I will be reading it later this week. Definitely worth continuining on…

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