The Immensity of a Revelation

There’s something I just realized

That I never knew before.

I can’t explain the reasons,

But I know that I want more.


Have you ever wanted something,

But were too afraid to ask?

So you wrestle within yourself,

Finding it quite an abstract task.


With every hour that maneuvers on,

Truth shows me what I want.

I search for what it finds,

Looking in the wrong places.


I don’t ever want to be alone.

Do I have to I dream forever?

Like glass shattering into pieces,

Will I then begin to vanish?


I need to taste the Passion

Of having what is mine.

Even though it’s easy to hold,

I settle for things unkind.


Thus I question “Was I wrong?”

I decide no longer to move on.

Life has given me this sentence

I must follow – despite the pain.


Why won’t I let myself go after it?

Why am I stuck with such a curse?

Why can others make things happen?

Why do I sit back and to my wounds just nurse?


I don’t pretend to know the answers.

I’ve learned I am only here to suffer.

And to realize that Truth

Has turned me into what I hoped not.