Tips & Advice

Welcome to a new feature on my blog: tips and advice on a variety of topics ranging from everyday life to product and service recommendations to clever ideas for bloggers, writers, and readers.

  • You will find lessons learned, motivational thoughts, and easy suggestions that apply to general life and finding a path to happiness.
  • Other hacks and tricks consider the world of literature and publishing to help bloggers, reviewers, and authors kick off a new website, develop a marketing plan, or write a book review.
  • I’m even going to share some of my favorite products and services that friends and family have create and offered to others via their companies and websites.

I launched this blog segment in November 2019. Each post is listed below in its respective category. You can read the kick-off in this November 1st – Introduction post.

ReaderS & Authors

November 8th – Twitter

December 6th – Goodreads

December 27th – Reader’s Favorite

January 17th – Jay’s Top 10 Editing Tips

GEneral Life

November 22nd – Dealing With Negativity

December 20th – Organizational Skills

January 3rd – Time Management

January 24th – Cooking with Surprise Guest

Products & SErvices

November 15th – Intro to Mary Deal (Artist, Photographer & Painter)

November 29th – Intro to ASmile4UFromJanet (Crafter & Scrapbooker)

December 13th – Intro to Jenn Lye (Scentsy Consultant)

January 10th – Intro to Indigo Acres (Photography, Painting & Apiary)