Welcome Home: Let’s Get Lost Together…

Welcome to “ThisIsMyTruthNow” where I’ve created a portal to all the things worth talking about during the course of a day. Life’s too short to focus on all the negatives… so let’s embrace what makes us happy and find a way to get lost together in this journey. Below is a brief description of each major menu item:

  • About
    • An overview of the site, the author, the menu structure and how to contact me. Click here for a list of definitions for each star rating on the 1 to 5 scale — used for all reviews
  • Book Reviews
    • A collection of ~950 book reviews (as of November 2019) from every major book genre. I choose books based on a variety of tastes. I will occasionally accept a request to review a book, but my reading queue is usually booked ~3 months in advance on when I will be available.
  • Author Pages
    • Find book reviews by genre, author, & series
    • A page for every author and the books I’ve read, organized by Genre, then Author (Alphabetically)
    • Lists any book series and provides details on various authors where I’ve previously done a separate Author Alert or Spotlight Post
  • Spotlights & Alerts
    • A dedicated post to an author I love or a new author I’ve met via my blog that I’d like to highlight. I share basic facts, books, contact information and why I enjoy reading the author’s work
    • Contains book blitzes, blog tours, cover reveals, and other alerts and spotlights.
  • My Books
    • Links to view and buy my books: Watching Glass Shatter, Father Figure, Academic Curveball, Broken Heart Attack, Flower Power Trip, Mistaken Identity Crisis & Haunted House Ghost
  • Tips & Advice
    • General Life: Thoughts on how to deal with various things in everyday life
    • Readers and Authors: Guides for book lovers and writers to help with reading, marketing, editing, technology, and social media
    • Products and Services: Recommendations on items I’ve used or seen that I think would be great for others to check out
  • Past Features
    • 365 Daily Challenge: If you’re brave, you’re sure to find an embarrassing confessional of a characteristic or story about me revealed each day. Click here to get started on my little world of crazy; take the poll to see if we’re alike
    • Book Bucket List: An ongoing list of the ‘Top 12’ books I want to read before I die, but the catch is… my followers pick a book each month that I must read and then I add a new book to the list
    • Readathons: A month-long collection of books and readers focusing on a specific topic, sharing reviews and promoting authors we love
      • Agatha Christie – April 2018
      • Children’s Books – August 2018
      • Renaissance Faire Cozy Mysteries – November 2018
  • Cool Stuff
    • Tags/Awards: Lists for any awards I’ve won or tags I’ve participated in
    • TBR & Wrap Ups: Monthly posts summarizing everything that’s happened on my blog or what I am planning to read next
    • TV / Film Reviews: List of reviews for TV Shows or Films I’ve seen
    • Trips: Summary of vacations I’ve taken with recommendations
  • General Blog
    • On-going blog where I randomly chat about stuff with everyone


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