Star Ratings Scale

Below are definitions for my book, tv & film ratings:
5: Fantastic, a must check out for this genre. Changed how I think or made me incredibly happy to have known this work and I will tell everyone about it. Top-notch!

4: Extremely good and held my attention throughout. I connected with the story, want to experience more from the author/director/actor and will remember it well.

3: The all-around good work that had some strengths but also had some weaknesses. I’d recommend it to a friend but with a bit of caution.

2: Not of interest, missing major standards in either character, plot, theme, consistency, etc. Lost my interest way too many times.

1: Not even sure how this got published; how and why did I choose this work?

*My ratings scale considers the genre of the work meaning I could give a 5 to both a cozy and a famed traditional fiction novel or a comedy TV series. I interpret this to mean both are top notch in their genre, but it doesn’t imply that I think that a fun short mystery read is the same caliber as a Shakespearean play or classic coming of age work. Both can be incredibly good but are important for very different reasons.


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