Star Ratings Scale

Below are definitions for my book, tv & film ratings:
5: Fantastic, a must check out for this genre. Changed how I think or made me incredibly happy to have known this work and I will tell everyone about it. Top-notch!

4: Extremely good and held my attention throughout. I connected with the story, want to experience more from the author/director/actor and will remember it well.

3: The all-around good work that had some strengths but also had some weaknesses. I’d recommend it to a friend but with a bit of caution.

2: Not of interest, missing major standards in either character, plot, theme, consistency, etc. Lost my interest way too many times.

1: Not even sure how this got published; how and why did I choose this work?

*My ratings scale considers the genre of the work meaning I could give a 5 to both a cozy and a famed traditional fiction novel or a comedy TV series. I interpret this to mean both are top notch in their genre, but it doesn’t imply that I think that a fun short mystery read is the same caliber as a Shakespearean play or classic coming of age work. Both can be incredibly good but are important for very different reasons.


  1. Hi. My name is Henry. I work for Crime Wave Press, an independent publisher of crime fiction. I wanted to invite you to consider reviewing the works of crime writer Elka Ray.

    Whether you’re an armchair traveler or a seasoned globetrotter, as a lover of crime fiction, we thought you might be willing to review some crime stories set in exotic places. Crime Wave Press’ newest author – Elka Ray – explores the darker sides of Southeast Asia.

    Reviewers can get free copies (mobi or pdf) of Elka’s titles, and we will contact you to offer new releases when they become available.

    Would you like to review one of Elka’s books?

    SAIGON DARK – a gripping, frightening story of a bereaved mother who makes a terrible choice that comes back to haunt her.

    WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW: TALES OF OBSESSION, MYSTERY & MURDER IN SOUTHEAST ASIA – set in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Indonesia, these 10 short crime stories shine light into some dark corners of tropical paradise.

    HANOI JANE – a jilted young woman goes looking for revenge but finds so much more in this funny page-turner – part mystery and part chic lit.

    Elka is also the author of several children’s books. Her Amazon author page:

    Thank you for your interest. If you’d like to review any of these titles we will be pleased to send you the relevant file(s).


    ⁣Henry Roi
    PR Manager @crimewavepress


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